IPA Virus

What is IPA Virus?

IPA Virus is a dangerous infection that paralyzes computers and expects them to pay money in order to unlock the machine. The threat infects unprotected computers, tampers with the Registry, which leads to immobility of the system’s parts, and presents a misleading alert message saying that the issue arose because illegal actions had been carried out by using the targeted computer. There are several virus versions which are spread in Europe and which have infected computers in Germany, Austria, Greece, Portugal and other countries. If you find your PC frozen by IPA Virus, do not hesitate to remove it, because the message presented by the threat is a scam.

The fake warning looks as if it was sent or initiated by the International Police Association, because the message contains the IPA’s logo, which should be disregarded. Moreover, the message requires the money to be paid through Ukash service in order to have the computer unlock, which, again, should be ignored, because the fine of 100 Euros paid to cyber criminals will have no effect. All the suspicious but legitimate looking items should be ignored as well as the accusations presented. Judging from the text, it would be enough to pay the fine to avoid further prosecution for visiting prohibited websites and sharing and watching child pornography; however, if you swallow the bait and pay the fine, the very virus remains in the computer and may continue damaging your computer surreptitiously. Therefore, the removal of IPA Virus is a must if you want to use the computer properly.test 100% FREE spyware scan and
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Ignore false accusations, the fact that the messages seems to be sent by the IPA, pay no attention to Ukash and other logos of respectable companies, because this how the virus camouflages its original intention to rip you off.  Be wise and remove IPA Virus or any version of it as soon as you can. We recommend that you delete the infection with an anti-spyware tool, which will detect and terminate the infection in no time. To download a desirable program (note that it must be powerful), follow our removal guidelines:

1. Download a reliable spyware removal tool on another computer.
2. Transfer its files into a USB flash drive.
3. Restart the infected computer and press the F8 button.
4. Log into Save Mode and transfer the installation package onto the infected PC.
5. Reboot the computer normally and install the application.
6. Scan the system to remove IPA Virus.


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