What is Babylontoolbartlbr.dll?

Babylontoolbartlbr.dll is a dangerous dll file that belongs to Babylon Toolbar. If this file has been detected in your system, then you most definitely have Babylon Toolbar installed on your computer as well. The file itself is found on infected systems and it avoids being interrogated by security software. Babylontoolbartlbr.dll can be injected into any system process through software packing and it is located at C:\Program Files\BabylonToolbar\BabylonToolbar directory. The file is considered an infection because it belongs to potentially unwanted program.

What is Babylon Toolbar?

Babylon Toolbar is a browser add-on that can be downloaded via Cnet's webpage. Official Babylon Toolbar has been created to offer instant translation service to users in order to make the web browsing better. However, it commonly comes to the computer bundled with random freeware, and the users are likely to install it as they do not follow closely the installation process. Babylon Toolbar is extremely hard to remove, and it can display third party advertisements that could pose danger to the overall system security. Therefore, the users have to remove Babylontoolbartlbr.dll and Babylon Toolbar from their computers right now.

Verdict - status of the file: Dangerous File

How to remove Babylontoolbartlbr.dll?

If you remove Babylon Toolbar, Babylontoolbartlbr.dll will also disappear automatically. For that, we recommend an automatic malware removal, because then a security program of choice also restores your default browser settings and checks for other possible infections within your system. Download a free SpyHunter scanner, to run a full system scan and check your system.

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