Achtung! ihr computer wurde gesperrt virus

What is Achtung! ihr computer wurde gesperrt virus?

Achtung! Ihr computer wurde gesperrt virus is a Windows systems attacking infection which can block your access to the desktop, lock the screen, present a legitimate looking warning and demand for your money. The infection has multiple intrusion channels, and if your operating Windows system is not safeguarded by automatic malware removal tools, you may not notice when the virus sneaks in. Such security backdoors as bundled downloads, spam email attachments or social engineering scams can be used to download malignant components onto your computer, and this is enough for schemers to initiate their scams. If you do not remove Achtung! Ihr computer wurde gesperrt virus’ components upon their infiltration, they will be used to reconfigure the Windows Registry and present an alert:

Achtung! Ihr computer wurde gesperrt!!!
Bei der Überprüfung der Echtheit von Windows wurde festgestellt, dass auf Ihrem Computer nicht lizensierte Software installiert wurde!

Translated: Attention! Your computer has been locked! When checking the authenticity of Windows it has been determined that unlicensed software is installed on your computer!test 100% FREE spyware scan and
tested removal of Achtung! ihr computer wurde gesperrt virus*

Many computer users all around the world use unlicensed Windows versions, which is why cyber crooks have decided to employ this deceitful accusation to trick you. Whether your operating Windows system runs on a legitimate license or not (the latter is not recommended), you should not believe the trick and ignore the mimicked Windows Security Center interface. This is just another deceitful part of the scheme to make you believe that Microsoft is behind the lockdown of your system, as this is the only way to get your money:

Um Ihren Computer zu entsperren, müssen Sie innerhalb von 24 Stunden nach der Sperrung die Lizenz für Ihre Software bezahlen! Die Kosten für die Lizenz betragen 100 Euro!

Translated: To unlock your computer, you must pay within 24 hours after the lockdown! The cost of the license is 100 Euro!

There is no reason to believe that if you paid the 100 Euros ransom your computer would be unlocked and you would be able to continue with your daily Windows operations. Since virtual schemers are behind the entire Achtung! Ihr computer wurde gesperrt virus, it is quite likely that once you paid your money, the infection would remain in your system and other malicious programs would be downloaded along the way. Such Ukash infections as Buma Stemra virus or the West Yorkshire Police virus have already proven our AntiSpyware101 malware research team that using Paysafecard and Ukash might be very risky. These online money payment systems are very unreliable, so if you see these on top of any screen blocking message, you need to scan your PC and delete potentially existing malware.

If you follow the guidance presented below, you will be able to delete Achtung! Ihr computer wurde gesperrt virus in any way you want; however, note that you should be extremely urgent with the removal tasks, so that you could restore Windows functionality and ensure the entire PC’s protection timely.

1. Restart your computer using Safe Mode with Networking.
2. Download SpyHunter or another reliable, automatic removal application.
3. Go to Run and enter “msconfig”.
4. Disable All running programs from the Startup, so that once you restart your PC, you could access the desktop and install chosen malware removal software.

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