What is is an official website of a browser extension Safer Search Results users tend to find in the list of extensions on Google Chrome. Also, might be found set as homepage and the New Tab page after the installation of this browser add-on. It can be downloaded from two different sources: and the Chrome Web Store ( Even though it appears on the Chrome Web Store, it does not mean that this piece of software is a product associated with this browser or its creator. Unfortunately, many people do not know that, and they believe that the extension is beneficial and safe to use. To be frank, it is not exactly true. Yes, it promises to “protect your computer from harmful search results” by placing the green check mark next to good search results and the red one next to those that are not safe; however, it does not mean that this browser extension cannot act in an undesirable way itself. Continue reading this article and come up to a decision to keep it or not installed on PC yourself. If, after finding out what to expect from this extension, you make a decision to get rid of it, read the last paragraph focusing on the removal of this extension carefully and feel free to use the manual removal guide provided by specialists working at

What does do?

The extension does not look dangerous at all at first sight. In fact, people install it on their computers because they believe that it provides the useful service. After carrying out research, we can assure you that it is not very likely that it will block bad search results and, consequently, protect your computer from harm because it is not the most trustworthy application itself. It did not take long for us to reveal that this Google Chrome extension might cause trouble too. Our researchers have managed to reveal that the Safer Search Results add-on itself might expose users to potential threats by modifying the search results users see. In other words, users might be provided with search results that only promote third-party websites. Of course, not only safe web pages are advertised, which suggests that keeping the extension installed might result in the entrance of malware. This application might set a new search tool and make it show these modified search results, or it might modify the search results of your decent default search engine, e.g. Google or Yahoo! by placing ads on the search results page. In other words, instead of helping users to avoid harmful search results, it might display them too. This is one of the main drawbacks of this piece of software, but it is definitely not the only one. It has also been found that it might record information about users. It is stated in the Privacy Policy that this browser extension might collect both personally-identifiable and non-personally identifiable information. The gathered data “may be used, supplemented, and shared with other parties for business, commercial, or marketing purposes.” Unfortunately, this might result in problems associated with the privacy too because it is unclear whether these third parties are reputable.

Where does the add-on come from?

Even though there are two websites users can get the Safer Search Results extension from, it cannot be called a trustworthy piece of software also because it might find other, not so legal, ways to enter computers. For example, it might be installed after clicking on an untrustworthy link on a third-party website or some kind of advertisement. Also, there is no doubt that this untrustworthy browser extension might travel bundled with free applications. Users often install programs rather carelessly, so they do not even notice that they agree to install one more program too. It is not always that easy to prevent untrustworthy software from entering the system, especially if a user does not have much experience with malware, so the installation of a reputable security tool is a must too.

How to delete the extension

As you already know, the extension might cause many problems instead of eliminating harmful search results from the search results page as it promises, so researchers highly recommend getting rid of it as soon as possible. It should not be a very challenging task because only one extension from Google Chrome has to be deleted. Of course, the manual method is not as quick as the automatic one, so if you do not have time for erasing undesirable software yourself, do not trust yourself, or simply wish to eliminate all malicious components from the computer all at once, you should go to scan the system with an automatic malware remover (e.g. SpyHunter).

Remove the undesirable browser extension

Google Chrome

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Press Alt+F.
  3. Click More tools.
  4. Select Extensions.
  5. Locate the untrustworthy browser extension Safer Search Results and select it.
  6. Click the trash button and then click Remove in the pop-up window.
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