What is TR/Rootkit.Gen2?

TR/Rootkit.Gen2 is a generic name of infection that might reside in your system, but it is not very probable that you notice its presence because it enters secretly, acts behind your back, and, most importantly, does not have an interface. It is known that it is able to affect different computers with Windows operating system running on them and we definitely do not recommend keeping this application on your system. It is not easy to detect and delete this threat, which means that you will not be able to do that manually. We recommend acquiring a reliable antimalware tool and then scanning your system with it. The reliable tool will definitely remove TR/Rootkit.Gen2 from your system.

How does TR/Rootkit.Gen2 act?

You might also wonder why we suggest erasing TR/Rootkit.Gen2 from your system, but actually the answer is really simple. It has been found out that this infection might attract even more threats and conceal keyloggers. On the top of this, it is capable of monitoring your personal information like credit card details and allowing third parties to access all this data. As you can see, it is rather dangerous to keep this threat on your system because it is going to act inappropriately behind your back. It might even use your own computer to distribute malware. Thus, if you have suspicions that your system is infected with TR/Rootkit.Gen2, you should definitely make sure whether it is true.

Our specialists have found out that TR/Rootkit.Gen2 belongs to Sirefef family of threats and it is capable of using legitimate file names, such as explorer.exe and alg.exe in order not to be detected easily.  It is known that many System32 files under %WINDIR% folder might be affected. Of course, it is not easy to find out whether the file is really affected by TR/Rootkit.Gen2; thus, it is better to leave all the work for automatic malware removers.

Do you wonder how TR/Rootkit.Gen2 has entered your system? You should know that you can download it by clicking on misleading links, opening spam-emails, visiting unreliable websites, and the like. In most cases, you will not even suspect that some kind of malicious software has been installed on your system. As you can see, it is important to have a security tool installed on your PC if you want to avoid different kinds of infections.

How to remove TR/Rootkit.Gen2 from your system?

As it has been mentioned above, you will not be able to erase TR/Rootkit.Gen2 manually. It might be very difficult or even impossible. Thus, you should better acquire a reliable antimalware tool (if you do not have one already) and then launch the scanner. We recommend using SpyHunter antimalware suite. It is a completely legal and reliable tool that will definitely detect and remove TR/Rootkit.Gen2, including different kinds of other infections. What is more, it will protect your computer from future threats as well. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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