What is Trojan:JS/Medfos.B?

Trojan:JS/Medfos.B is a computer infection which will change your search results when you are using such browsing engines as Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing, and AOL. It has been noticed that the threat mainly targets Google Chrome and is installed as a browser extension even though it is a malicious JavaScript file. If you have noticed that you are provided with irrelevant search results, immediately scan the system with SpyHunter to remove Trojan:JS/Medfos.B.

What should I know about Trojan:JS/Medfos.B?

Trojan:JS/Medfos.B is known to be dropped by Trojan:Win32/Medfos.B which can affect the performance of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The purpose of Trojan:JS/Medfos.B is to help cyber criminals earn money by redirecting you to advertisement supported websites such as,, and others. Do not browse the website you are redirected to because they may lead to other websites containing infectious files.When Trojan:JS/Medfos.B is installed, in the Extension section you will find the extension ChromeUpdateManager 1.0 which might seem to look as a legitimate extension for Google Chrome.

If the system is infected with Trojan:JS/Medfos.B, it is very likely that the system contains other dangerous threats which should also be deleted from the system. Hence you should not wait any other minute and make sure all of the infections are removed.

How to remove Trojan:JS/Medfos.B?

It is not enough to remove the extension to stop the redirects and prevent further damage. What you should do after disabling ChromeUpdateManager is scan the PC with SpyHunter, which is a legitimate spyware removal application. Only after the removal you will regain access to the computer and the browser, so click on download button below to acquire a free scanner which will immediately detect infections.

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