Yyto Ransomware

What is Yyto Ransomware?

Yyto Ransomware is a malicious computer infection that falls under the ransomware category. It means that it might not be possible to deal with all the infection’s consequences properly, but you can at least remove Yyto Ransomware from your computer. Ransomware programs are extremely dangerous because they can inflict irreversible damage to target computer systems. Also, they are very good at extorting money from the innocent computer users. You should never do what the infection expects you to because this way you would only help the criminals to continue their illegal deeds. Be responsible not only because of yourself but also for the sake of other potential victims.

Where does Yyto Ransomware come from?

Our research team says that this program uses the most common distribution methods to spread around the globe. It mostly employs spam emails and website exploit kits to access target systems. For the most part, if users are aware of the potential threats, they should be able to avoid this infection.

As far as the spam email proliferation is concerned, you should be able to revert the infection if you deleted the spam email messages immediately. What if you are not sure whether the email message in question if potentially harmful? Yyto Ransomware and other ransomware programs tend to travel in spam email attachments, so if the message you want to open has an attachment, it would be better to scan that attachment before opening it. Ransomware installer files often look like DOC or PDF documents, and users are tricked into opening it without even realizing.

As for the exploit kits, we are talking here about an entire range of potentially corrupted websites that either on purpose or unwittingly become part of the ransomware distribution scheme. For example, if you open a website that displays a lot of pop-ups and opens new browser tabs, such website is rather vulnerable to third-party exploitation. It means that cyber criminals could make use of the site to promote their content, and the download for the ransomware installer files could be initiated automatically the moment some pop-up opens. So, in a sense, avoiding this infection is possible, but users have to pay close attention to their web browsing habits, and all the potential threats they might encounter when they surf the web.

What does Yyto Ransomware do?

This ransomware program encrypts your files almost instantly. It targets MS Office document files, PDF, text files, databases, photos, music, video, image files, and so on. In other words, it is clear that almost all of your frequently-used files should be encrypted by this infection.

Like most ransomware infections, Yyto Ransomware uses the AES encryption algorithm, which makes it virtually impossible to decrypt the files on your own. That is why the infection claims the following in the ransom note it displays:

If you don’t have a email in TOR network:

1) Download and install the browser for the TOR network <…>

2) Launch browser and go to the link <…>

3) Write on email: cutterwish@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion

4) Wait for response.

As you can see, the program expects you to contact the people behind it to find out more about the ransom payment. There is no ransom amount given, and technically, you should find it out when you receive a reply from the criminals who collect all the payments.

However, the question is whether this program really would be eager to issue the decryption key that would unlock your files. For all its worth, the ransom note could also be just a bait, used to trick users into spending their money for nothing. Hence, you should avoid potential extortion by removing Yyto Ransomware right now.

How do I remove Yyto Ransomware?

We have provided the manual removal instructions below this description. Although you can also delete this infection with a licensed antispyware tool of your choice. Please bear in mind that you can transfer the healthy copies of your files back to your computer only when your system is clean again. If you do it while Yyto Ransomware is still on-board, your healthy files might get encrypted too. Do not risk that. Make sure your data is protected against similar intruders by acquiring a legitimate antispyware tool.

Manual Yyto Ransomware Removal

  1. Press Win+R and type %Temp%. Click OK.
  2. Delete suspicious recently downloaded files.
  3. Go to your Downloads folder.
  4. Remove suspicious recently downloaded files.
  5. Open your Desktop.
  6. Remove unfamiliar and suspicious files.
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