What is YourDailyTrailer?

Have you downloaded YourDailyTrailer because it is promoted as the must-have extension for movie fans? If you have been tricked by that promise, you must have realized by now that this suspicious extension is useless. The best thing it can do is offer easy-access links to movie-related websites, and this feature is not that beneficial. The add-on also promises to help you watch trailers online, which you, obviously, can do without some suspicious piece of software. To show trailers, the PUP provides a link to It also presents links to,,,, and a bunch of links to sites that are not movie-related. That is all that the PUP (potentially unwanted program) is good for, and so our research team believes that it serves a different purpose. Maybe that purpose is to expose Google Chrome users to a suspicious hijacker. We advise deleting YourDailyTrailer and the hijacker it comes bundled with, and if you do not know how to achieve that, use our tips.testtest

How does YourDailyTrailer work?

Did you find YourDailyTrailer hidden in a software bundle or was it introduced to you via a suspicious pop-up offer? These are the most common methods of distribution when it comes to this PUP. Due to this, there is a possibility that the program entered your PC packaged with other undesirable or even malicious infections. Click the link below the article to install a legitimate and free malware scanner that will automatically inspect your operating system for hidden infections. Hopefully, they do not exist, but if they do, you should remove them immediately. Did you know that an official download source exists as well? is that source, and it promotes the installer originally hosted on The funny thing is that the official source does not represent the hijacker, which might be the most important part of the entire PUP. This hijacker is, and it will occupy the New Tab on your Chrome browser as soon as you accept the PUP. This hijacker is untrustworthy, and we do not recommend using it for regular web surfing.

While YourDailyTrailer appears to have been created by The Whiz Ltd. (the developer of a PUP called “Private Search Plus” as well), the hijacker belongs to APN, LLC. Both follow different privacy policies, and both must be reviewed. The statement found at suggests that personally identifiable info can be recorded and shared with parties that are kept in secret. Does that make you trust the PUP? It should not. Furthermore, it was found that YourDailyTrailer changes proxy settings, which does not make it any more trustworthy either. In fact, these changes are quite aggressive, and you will not regain full control of your Chrome browser until you change things back. The good news is that you do not need to be an expert to fix the situation. All in all, erasing the PUP and the hijacker is what we recommend because, for one, they do not offer beneficial services, and, second, they are not reliable. In fact, they might be controlled by parties you cannot trust.

How to delete YourDailyTrailer

If you want to watch movie trailers, go to,, or another reliable site. Do not employ software that only poses as reliable and useful. YourDailyTrailer certainly is a poser, and it is best to delete it from the Google Chrome browser right away. It is not enough to erase the extension. You also need to remove, a browser hijacker that changes the New Tab without any warning. This search tool is not trustworthy, and we do not recommend using it. If you do, you run the risk of clicking on unreliable links and interacting with misleading advertisements. Also, by using this software, you might be exposing personal information to unknown parties. Are you interested in removing YourDailyTrailer and the hijacker manually? If you are, you will find the instructions below very useful. If you want to save time – which is a good idea if you find multiple threats – utilize an automated anti-malware tool. It might even change proxy settings.

Removal Instructions

  1. Open Google Chrome and enter chrome://extensions/ into the address bar.
  2. In the Extensions menu, click the recycle bin next to YourDailyTrailer, and select Remove.
  3. Tap Alt+F to open a menu one more time and choose Settings.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and click Advanced.
  5. Navigate to the System menu and then click Open proxy settings.
  6. Click the Connections tab.
  7. Click LAN settings and then check the Proxy server box. Click OK. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of YourDailyTrailer*


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