Your personal files are encrypted

What is Your personal files are encrypted?

Your personal files are encrypted is the title line of a ransomware warning that is displayed on your screen when the computer is infected with a piece of ransomware called Critroni.A or CTB-Locker_Critoni Ransomware. The Your personal files are encrypted warning is displayed after your files are encrypted, and, in order to regain access to your data, which include a wide range of files, you are supposed to pay 0.5 BTC, which is roughly $240 USD. If you have restarted the computer, and no warning is displayed, it does not mean that you have removed the Your personal files are encrypted infection. Your files are still encrypted, and, if you want to find out what has to be done to regain access to your data, keep reading.

How does the Your personal files are encrypted ransomware work?

Your personal files are encrypted is displayed after the ransomware infection is downloaded by a file that runs as Adobe Flash Player 10.3. As soon as this file downloads the encryption program, the encryption begins. The Critroni.A ransomware looks for various files and is capable of encrypting over 50 types of files, including .doc, .jpeg, .jpg, .ay, .md, .mdb, .dxg, and many others. The extensions of the encrypted files are changes to .cbtl.

After encryption, the infection replaces the wallpaper of the desktop with instructions on how to make a payment. According to the Your personal files are encrypted warning, the user has to download the Tor browser and make a payment using Bitcoins. Bitcoins are an electronic currency that is acquired by enabling the computer to solve complex algorithms. Now it is also possible to purchase Bitcoins; however, if you have never dealt with this currency, you may find it difficult to follow the instructions of the Your personal files are encrypted ransomware.

Our team at Anti-Spyware-101 advises you against paying the so-called ransom because nobody can guarantee you that your files will be decrypted.

How to remove Your personal files are encrypted?

As regards files associated with Your personal files are encrypted, you can remove them from the computer; however, by doing so do cannot restore your data. Your files have to decrypted either by using a private key, which is in possession of the attackers, or by using your backups. There are several methods of data backups, including the Backup and Restore Center and manual backups when the data is transferred to another computer.

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