What is Websearch.searchdwebs.info?

Websearch.searchdwebs.info is not your average small-time search engine. Our malware researchers have found that this search engine is a browser hijacker, so you should remove it from your browser as soon as possible. This hijacker was designed to modify and take control of your browser. This means that Websearch.searchdwebs.info is set as the default homepage. However, getting rid of this annoying hijacker may prove a bit tricky for the non-tech-savvy kind of people. Therefore, we have prepared this short description and a removal guide. This description will cover the most important points regarding this infection. So let us begin with where this hijacker comes from.test

Where does Websearch.searchdwebs.info come from?

Our researchers have found that this particular browser hijacker is currently being distributed using software bundles. To be more specific, Websearch.searchdwebs.info is known to be distributed using InstallRex installers that also feature adware. Bundles that contain this hijacker are mostly found on torrent websites. The bundled downloads are often misrepresented as legitimate programs, or in other words, its developers use deceptive tactics to encourage users to click the download button. We must also inform you that Websearch.searchdwebs.info is not a one of hijacker that will shortly go away. No, this hijacker comes from a long linage of browser hijackers that also include Websearch.hotsearches.info, Websearch.simplesearches.info, and Websearch.searchdominion.info. Now let us move on to the most important part of this description.

What does Websearch.searchdwebs.info do?

If you somehow accidentally install a software bundle that contains Websearch.searchdwebs.info, then this address will automatically be set as your browser’s default homepage. The problem is that unlike other promoted search engines, this browser hijacker is set to override the actions you take to delete it. This is achieved by modifying the browser shortcut’s Target line. However, this can be easily fixed (see Websearch.searchdwebs.info removal guide for more information).

Another important issue that we must discuss is this hijacker’s supposed functionality. It works as any other search engine, but the twist here is that it is likely to include promotional links inside its search results. Our researchers think that some of those links may be unreliable as they will most likely promote potentially unwanted programs. Furthermore, Websearch.searchdwebs.info’s main page also contains commercial advertisements. The ads vary from depending on your geographical location, so they may be either good or bad.

How do I remove Websearch.searchdwebs.info?

Up until now we did not see browser hijackers from the Websearch family for quite a while. However, it appears that they are making a return. But, these hijackers have not evolved even the slightest bit. Like its predecessors Websearch.searchdwebs.info modifies the Target line in order to prevent you from changing the homepage. However, if you know where to look it is an easy fix to do. We recommend that you first uninstall Websearch.searchdwebs.info via Control Panel, then fix the Target line, and only then set your desired homepage. You might also want to scan your computer with an antimalware program, since this browser hijacker is bundled with adware.

Websearch.searchdwebs.info removal guide

Windows XP

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Open Control Panel and click Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Find the browser hijacker.
  4. Remove.

Windows Vista and 7

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Open Control Panel and click Uninstall a Program.
  3. Find the undesirable program.
  4. Click Uninstall.

Windows 8 and 8.1

  1. Open the Start Screen.
  2. Type Uninstall a program in the search box and then go to Settings.
  3. In the search results, go to Uninstall a program.
  4. Locate the hijacker and right-click on it.
  5. Click Uninstall.

Windows 10

  1. Right-click on the Start menu.
  2. Go to Programs and Features.
  3. Locate the application and Uninstall it.

Fix the modifications made to the browser’s Target line

  1. Right-click on Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer’s shortcut.
  2. Select Properties and open the Shortcut tab.
  3. Fix the modifications made to the Target line.
  4. Click OK.

Remove Websearch.searchdwebs.info-related extensions

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. Simultaneously press Alt+T and click Internet Options.
  2. Open the Advanced tab and click Reset.
  3. Select the checkbox.
  4. Click Reset and then click Close.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Simultaneously press Alt+H.
  2. Select Troubleshooting Information.
  3. Click Refresh Firefox.
  4. In the dialog box, click Refresh Firefox again.
  5. Click Finish.

Google Chrome

  1. Simultaneously press Alt+F and go to Settings.
  2. Select Show advanced settings.
  3. Click Reset settings and click Reset again.
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