What is

You may find, a potentially risky search engine in your browser after installing a worthless and potentially unwanted browser extension, or a free program you downloaded off of a questionable website. In other words, it is quite possible that you did not install this search engine on purpose and knowingly. You should know that our malware researchers at has labeled this malware infection as a browser hijacker due to its capabilities to modify certain browser settings, including your home page, new tab, and default search engine. Since this hijacker is spread through a Google Chrome browser extension, it seems to only affect your Chrome browser. However, if this browser is your preferred one, you could be exposed to potentially harmful third-party web content every time you launch it, open a new tab, or run a web search from the address bar. The presence of this infection on your computer could also be a sign that other malware threats may have entered your computer. We believe that it is important that you remove from your browser and all other infections you may find in order to restore the previous system security level of your PC.testtest

Where does come from?

As you know already, this search engine can be added to your browser officially if you install TubeTab, a questionable Chrome extension you can install directly at You may also notice on this page that there is no official website linked, which is quite strange if this is a reliable tool. As a matter of fact, after installation you realize that this is yet another potentially risky application created by the infamous Polarity Technologies Ltd. from Cyprus. Another suspicious fact about this extension is that although more than 308,000 users have installed it, not one has left a review. These would be already strong enough reasons for a security-minded user to delete, but we can go on with the more worrisome details.

The truth is that there is little chance that you would ever want to install such a tool on purpose or that you would actually find it by searching the web or the store. We think that it is much more likely that you do not even realize installing this tool and this browser hijacker because these crawl onto your system in a freeware bundle. This is what usually happens when you download free software or other free files (audio or movie) from suspicious shareware or torrent websites since these mostly promote software packages. It is possible that the bundle you drop contains a working copy of the free application you desire; however, it may also pack potentially unwanted programs as well as malware infections, including browser hijackers, Trojans, fake alerts, backdoors, and adware programs among others. But it is also possible to drop such an infectious lot when you click on unreliable ads, disguised buttons, and corrupt links. This can happen when you are viewing suspicious websites or when there is at least one adware program, browser hijacker, or even a potentially unwanted program hiding on your computer. This is why we also recommend that you inspect your machine by using a proper malware scanner right after you remove

How does work?

This browser hijacker makes sure that this questionable search engine is set as your home page, new tab, and default search engine for the best possible exposure. Obviously, it can only make money for its creators, if it manages to promote affiliates; thus, it has to insert third-party ads and links of promoted parties to generate web traffic to their sites. Of course, there is never any guarantee that such affiliates are all to be trusted. Another problem is that this hijacker can collect information about your browsing habits, IP address, and more, which can be used to send customized content to your screen. Since this data can be shared with third parties, as the Polarity Privacy Policy also discloses, it is possible that cyber crooks succeed in showing you advertisements that you would be interested in checking out. However, if you click on content coming from criminals, you could infect your computer with more dangerous threats or even end up on malicious and fake websites. We believe that it is essential that you remove as soon as possible from your PC if you do not wish to risk your virtual security.

How do I delete

The good news about this browser hijacker is that you do not need to be an IT expert to be able to eliminate it from your computer. In fact, all it takes is removing it from the extension list. Please follow our instructions below for a successful removal. Keep in mind though that this may not be the only malware threat on your computer. It is vital that you take care of all possible threats on your system if you want to use a secure computer. If manual detection is out of the question for you, we advise you to download and install a reliable anti-malware program, such as SpyHunter, as soon as possible.

Remove from your browser

Google Chrome

  1. Display the menu by tapping Alt+F simultaneously.
  2. Navigate to More tools.
  3. Go to Extensions and locate the extension you want to remove.
  4. Click on the Trash can icon on the right.
  5. In the confirmation window, click Remove. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of*

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