ScreensFreak New Tab

What is ScreensFreak New Tab?

ScreensFreak New Tab is yet another questionable application that your research team has come across lately. On its official website vendors’ of this program advertise it as a tool that should help you improve your online experiences in various ways. At first it sounds like a great tool to have active on your PC; unfortunately, it has been discovered that such statements are only used as a marketing gimmick to lure unsuspecting users into downloading and installing an application that in reality does not perform in the way it should. In fact, malware researchers at have dubbed this questionable application as a potentially unwanted program mostly because it works in a quite invasive and suspicious way as well as it is spread in a dubious manner. We highly advise you to remove ScreensFreak New Tab as it holds almost not valuable features. Below we provide a comprehensive removal guide that will help you delete it in no time whatsoever.testtesttest

What does ScreensFreak New Tab do?

It is important to note that ScreensFreak New Tab works a lot like a browser hijacker, even though it is not considered to be one. Once this potentially unwanted program enters your operating system, it will modify your web browser’s default settings without any authorization, which is annoying and frustrating to put it mildly. The dubious tool changes your default homepage and search engine. It is not surprising that these changes will ruin your online experience. We would like to urge you not to use the newly set search engine as it has been noticed that at times it might provide you wish suspicious, sponsored-third-party results, which could even turn out to be implemented with redirect links. Thus, by clicking on a seemingly harmless link that this search engine might provide you with you could end up on a questionable or potentially malicious website. Make sure to delete ScreensFreak New Tab as soon as it is located on your PC since it will minimize the risk of exposing your computer to suspicious web content as well as it will restore your web browser’s default settings.

How to improve your virtual security

The first and most important thing about virtual security is realizing that your best bet to keep your PC clean and secure at all times is by running a professional antimalware tool on your computer at all times. This is so because such a tool provides overall system security at all times and can warn you about any suspicious downloads or websites beforehand. Also, you should download your software from official vendors’ websites only since they do not tend to provide software bundles, which are usually used by malware creators to distribute their intrusive and malicious programs. Last, but not least make sure to pay your utmost attention to every single installation procedure because you might be presented with an opportunity to cancel the installation of some unwanted third-party program.

How to remove ScreensFreak New Tab

Every security-conscious user should not delay the removal of ScreensFreak New Tab. Once you have performed the manual removal we urge to run an in-depth analysis of your operating system for potential leftovers associated with ScreensFreak New Tab; this way you will be sure that everything related to this potentially unwanted program was deleted. If you think that such analysis is too complicated to conduct on your own, you should scan your PC with a reliable malware detection and removal tool.

How to remove ScreensFreak New Tab from your web browser

Google Chrome

  1. Start your browser.
  2. Smultaneously tap Alt+F.
  3. Select Tools and then click Extensions.
  4. Click the trash can icon next to the undesirable add-on.
  5. Select Remove.
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