Safesidetab Fix

What is Safesidetab Fix?

A potentially unwanted program called Safesidetab Fix is not a threat, but our researchers strongly advise eliminating it from your operating system. This program is unable to provide you with trustworthy services, and the silent activity associated with it is considered intrusive and potentially dangerous. Have you downloaded this program yourself or was it installed without your notice? It is unlikely that this PUP (short for “potentially unwanted program”) can spread itself silently, but it is possible that third-party installers will conceal it or introduce it to you in a misleading manner. Do you feel as if you have been tricked into installing this program? Our research has revealed that the PUP could be spread via pop-ups, and they could promote the installer in a misleading manner. Well, whether you have installed it willingly or not, there are reasons to remove Safesidetab Fix, and we introduce these reasons via this report.testtesttest

How does Safesidetab Fix work?

Safesidetab Fix is a variant of Safesidetab and Safesidetab(Plus) applications, and our research has revealed that users usually download this software using third-party installers. Although it is also available for downloading from and the Chrome web store, it is unlikely that users would find this unpopular software by themselves. As mentioned previously, misleading pop-ups could be utilized as well, but the chances are that you have acquired this software packaged with third-party programs. Yes, this program comes packaged with a search tool,, but it was created by the same company, Imali Media Ltd. Are you familiar with this company? It has unleashed many other potentially unwanted programs and browser hijackers (e.g., and Now, the third-party software we are talking about is unpredictable, and which programs follow the PUP depends solely on the installer employed. Because there is a risk of letting in malware, we advise scanning your operating system with a malware scanner right away. This tool will reliably examine your computer and let you know if malware was detected. Of course, if it was, you should focus on removing it ASAP.

When installing Safesidetab Fix, you should be informed that will replace your regular search engine and new tab. This software is compatible with Firefox and Chrome browsers, and you do not actually have the option to decline the modifications of your search tools. Is a trustworthy search tool? Well, it can inject advertisements based on your search habits, and some consider this kind of activity intrusive. The search tool itself provides easy-access links to Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Amazon, and YouTube, and the search queries are redirected to a Yahoo Search engine. Note that the ads injected by the PUP are most likely to appear as sponsored links within your search results, and you should not interact with them because you do not know where this could lead you. In the worst case scenario, you will be redirected to unreliable websites, and they could expose you to scams, misleading offers, and even the installers of unreliable software. Hopefully, you will evade this, and you will delete Safesidetab Fix in time.

How to remove Safesidetab Fix

If you want to browse your web risk-free, you need to delete Safesidetab Fix from your operating system along with the search tool that comes packaged with it. This software is not exactly trustworthy or beneficial, and the best thing you can do regarding it is remove it as soon as possible. The guide below shows how to erase this software from Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers, and it is enough to eliminate the unwanted extension to get rid of the suspicious search tool as well. If you have installed it along with third-party software/malware, you need to take care of it as well. In fact, you should not go back to using your operating system and browsers until you are 100% sure that it is safe. If you proceed with manual removal instead of using automated malware removal software, you should employ a trusted malware to examine your computer to see if you have cleaned it successfully.

Removal Instructions

Google Chrome:

  1. Open Explorer by tapping Win+E keys.
  2. Into the address bar at the top type %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ or %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\ (for Windows XP users) and tap Enter.
  3. Open the Default folder (might be named after your Profile name) and then the Extensions folder.
  4. Right-click and Delete the folder called oajijfnbbdpoklbhhaonaiihdhmlpcdo.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Open Explorer by tapping Win+E keys.
  2. Into the address bar at the top type %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ and tap Enter.
  3. Open the {profilename} folder and then the extensions folder.
  4. Right-click and Delete the file called
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