Qakbot Trojan

What is Qakbot Trojan?

Qakbot Trojan is a malicious computer infection which acts as a backdoor. According to the latest research, the threat can enter the operating system without your knowledge and then auto-start with Windows every time you restart it. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know how exactly this Trojan could enter your personal computer. In some cases, the infection could be distributed with the help of infected removable devices, and in other cases it could be infiltrated by the infamous SweetOrange Exploit Kit. Once installed, this devious infection runs silently, and most computer users do not even suspect its existence. Nonetheless, Qakbot Trojan removal is extremely important, and researchers are ready to help you. Continue reading to figure out what is the best way to delete the threat from the computer.

How does Qakbot Trojan work?

According to researchers, the activity of Qakbot Trojan can be recognized in several different ways. For example, If you open the Services list (enter services.msc into RUN) and find the "Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Service", it is most likely that you already need to delete the Trojan. You also can open the Task Manager (tap Ctrl+Alt+Delete or Ctrl+Shift+Esc) to check if unfamiliar processes are not running on your PC. Of course, most computer users would not even think to initiate these simple checks if they had no clue about the existence of Qakbot. Note that if the program was installed packaged with other infections, you might face decreased computer speeds and similar symptoms. In this case, your best bet would be the installation of a malware scanner.

If you do not delete Qakbot Trojan from the computer, this infection may inject itself into the system tray processes. For example, the infection may corrupt Skype processes to initiate the activity of the backdoor. What is this activity? It has been discovered that the Trojan is primarily used for the collection of user names and passwords. This data can be used to hijack social networking accounts and spread malware using your name or connect to online banking and possibly initiate financial scams. To transfer the collected data, the Trojan needs to connect to a remote server. In rare cases, this could cause Internet connection issues and help you figure out that you need to delete malware, or even remove Qakbot Trojan.

How to remove Qakbot Trojan?

Even though Qakbot Trojan operates silently and runs the files with random names, due to which it may be difficult to locate and remove the threat, it is absolutely crucial you delete the Trojan. If you do not rush with the removal, the infection may steal private data, spy on you with the help of tracking cookies, monitor your activity, and transmit the collected data using illegal connections. Qakbot Trojan removal is not an easy task, which is why you should drop all ideas about the manual removal. Install a legitimate security tool instead and employ it to remove all existing threats automatically. Even if malware is not currently occupying your PC, you definitely should use security software to keep the operating system shielded. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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