Pest Detector 4.1

What is Pest Detector 4.1?

If you have had the misfortune of crossing paths with the rogue antispyware Pest Detector 4.1, chances are you have experienced many of its adverse effects reported by users infected with Pest Detector 4.1. Symptoms reported by users include annoying popup ads and browser hijacking.
The truth about Pest Detector 4.1 is that it is nothing more than rogue antispyware out to fleece you out of your money and ruin your system in the process. If you suspect your PC of being infected with Pest Detector 4.1, you need to delete every component of Pest Detector 4.1 and run trusted antivirus software which will completely uninstall it from your system.

Pest Detector 4.1 targets unsuspecting users who value their PC security by informing them of dramatic PC threats that do not even exist. These fake security threats are designed to manipulate the user into believing his system is under attack, and the only way to protect his PC from these threats is by purchasing an Pest Detector 4.1 license and installing it onto the PC. Users should never pay for Pest Detector 4.1 or run or install it on their systems.

Remove Pest Detector 4.1 from any infected system soonest and only trust reputable antispyware to detect and remove threats from your PC.

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