Nyan Cat Screenlocker

What is Nyan Cat Screenlocker?

Nyan Cat Screenlocker is different from other screen-locking malicious applications because it does not do any damage to user’s data or ask for any payment to be made. Instead, the Trojan should lock the screen and place its warning on top of it. Even though it might look like unlocking the screen is quite impossible users can actually do it themselves manually. If you have a look at the instructions placed below you will find out how to complete this task on your own. Plus, the instructions will show users how to erase the malicious application from their computer. However, if you read the article first, you will also learn how Nyan Cat Screenlocker works and how it might be distributed among computer users. Such details could be useful to know as they may help you avoid other similar threats in the future.test

Where does Nyan Cat Screenlocker come from?

The malware should enter the system after launching an executable file. Our specialists cannot be entirely sure, but they think such data could be distributed through Spam emails. As to give you an example, such emails could have malicious attachments or links to harmful web pages. Thus, to a stay away from Trojans like Nyan Cat Screenlocker or other infections distributed through email, you have to be extra careful with attachments that come from an unknown source. It would also be a good idea to use a reliable antimalware tool as it can guard the system against various threats.

How does Nyan Cat Screenlocker work?

When users accidentally launch the malicious file, Nyan Cat Screenlocker should lock the screen after a couple of moments. Firstly, the malware should crash user’s explorer.exe. Therefore, instead of your standard Desktop, you might see a borderless window with an image of the so-called Nyan Cat. Besides the picture, the window should contain a short notice telling the screen was locked by this malicious application.

The unusual part for such a threat is that its message does not give any instructions or display any demands from the malware’s creators. Nyan Cat Screenlocker’s window does have a box and the “Unlock” button shown, but it does not explain how to obtain the code or password the user needs to insert. If you click the given button without typing anything first, it just announces the password is a wrong one. Perhaps, this is only a test version, or the infection is still in the development stage. Either way, the best thing you can do is understand how lucky you were this time and try to secure your system more as the next time the threat you may encounter could be much more harmful.

How to eliminate Nyan Cat Screenlocker?

To get rid of Nyan Cat Screenlocker manually you will have to access the Task Manager as it is shown in the instructions available below and identify the Trojan’s process. Once the process is killed, the screen should be unlocked. Then, users can continue following the instructions and remove the malicious application’s data. The other option is to get a reliable antimalware tool and perform a full system scan. During the process, the software would detect the infection together with other possible threats and allow you to delete them all at the same time by clicking the removal button.

Erase Nyan Cat Screenlocker

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to open the Task Manager.
  2. Find the malware’s process with a random name.
  3. Select it and press the End Task button.
  4. Close the Task Manager.
  5. Open the Explorer (Windows Key+E).
  6. Go to the Downloads, Desktop, Temporary Files, or other directories where you may have saved the malicious executable file.
  7. Select the file and press Shift+Delete to erase it permanently.
  8. Reboot the system.
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