Karmen Ransomware

What is Karmen Ransomware?

Karmen Ransomware is a threat that enciphers particular files located on the infected computer and marks them by adding the .grt extension, for example, picture.jpg.grt. The sample our researchers at Anti-spyware-101.com tested encrypted only documents, yet it was determined the malware should be able to encipher photographs, pictures, or other personal files too. According to the infection’s ransom note users can get this data back as soon as they pay an estimated amount of Bitcoins. Of course, we would advise you not to trust the words of the malicious application’s creators. Clearly, their only goal is to collect money from users at any cost, so it would not seem too surprising if the files would not get decrypted as easily and quickly as it is promised. Thus, we advise you not to gamble with your money, but concentrate on how to clean the system; to assist you with Karmen Ransomware’s removal we placed manual deletion instructions at the end of this report.testtesttest

Where does Karmen Ransomware come from?

Same as other similar threats, Karmen Ransomware could be spread through malicious data delivered by Spam emails. These infected files might have an appearance of PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, and other harmless looking documents, so despite the possibly unknown sender, the attachment might not look suspicious at all. This only shows how it is vital to be cautious even with those files that do not look malicious from the first sight. Therefore, our researchers recommend having a reliable antimalware tool on the computer, so you could scan attachments received from unknown senders before opening them.

How does Karmen Ransomware work?

For starters, Karmen Ransomware should place an executable file called decrypt.exe in the Temporary Files folder. It should be launched once the malware finishes encrypting its targeted data. The executable file opens a pop-up window with the ransom note. Below the provided text you should see two buttons called DEU and ENG. If you click the first button, the message appears in the German language and if you click the other one you get a translation in English.

What’s more, the sample tested by our specialists requested to make a payment of 0.25 BTC or about 300 US dollars. It might seem not so huge, but given there are no reassurances the enciphered data will be decrypted, it might appear to be more significant if you lose it along with the locked files. The message states the data should be deciphered automatically, but you cannot be one hundred percent sure about it. Sadly, if the decryptor appears to be not working you would not be able to ask for a refund; meaning the transferred money could be lost in vain and the enciphered data might still be locked. For this reason, we advise users not to take any chances and get rid of the malicious application.

How to eliminate Karmen Ransomware?

Erasing Karmen Ransomware is recommended if you do want to stop the malware from launching its pop-up window. Not to mention the malicious data it creates should be removed to simply keep your system protected. From the removal instructions placed below this text you can see that to eliminate the malware, it is necessary to find and get rid of all executable files and Registry entries belonging to it. Users can complete this task manually according to the instructions, although using a reliable antimalware tool could be much easier. It could find the listed files automatically and to erase them you would only need to click the deletion button. If there are any other possible threats, the security tool can detect them too, so after the scan, you could feel more confident about the system’s security.

Remove Karmen Ransomware

  1. Tap Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  2. Launch the Task Manager.
  3. Select a process titled as decrypt.exe and click the End Task button.
  4. Exit the Task Manager.
  5. Press Win+E to access the Explorer.
  6. Check the Downloads, Desktop, or other possible directories and find the malicious file you had launched before the infection appeared.
  7. Select this file and press Shift+Delete.
  8. Navigate to this location %TEMP%
  9. Select a file called decrypt.exe and tap Shift+Delete.
  10. Close the Explorer and press Win+R.
  11. Insert Regedit and click Enter.
  12. Find the given directories:
  13. Mark value names called DecryptFiles and press Shift+Delete to remove them permanently.
  14. Exit the Registry Editor and reboot the system.
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