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We can assure you that you have a browser hijacker installed on your computer if you see in the place of your default search engine when you open your browser. Specialists have managed to find out that the browser hijacker is targeted at users whose default browsers are Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome; however, there is a small possibility that you might notice that the settings of your Internet Explorer have been changed too. Either way, you should hurry to get rid of despite the fact that it looks like an ordinary search engine. It will not be easy to remove the browser hijacker that belongs to the Elex family, especially when they have started using .bat files to open particular websites they promote. Of course, you will find more detailed information about the deletion of this browser hijacker here, so, we hope, it will be clearer for you what you need to do to erase this threat after reading the article.test

What does do?

You will have to use to search for the information unless you eliminate a browser hijacker from your computer. It is not a very good idea to use this search tool as the default search provider because it a) presents users with ads and sponsored links and b) it might cause redirections to untrustworthy third-party websites. Researchers at have also managed to find out that might violate your privacy. They have checked the Privacy Policy document and found that this search tool will gather two types of information: personal and non-personally identifiable. To be more specific, the following details will be recorded (the information is taken from the Privacy Policy of name, gender, date of birth, country, IP address, browser type, ISP (Internet Service Provider), date/time stamp, platform type, and users’ clicks. It is also pointed in the Privacy Policy that can disclose the data it records to “investors and potential partners.” Unfortunately, nobody knows who these investors and partners are, which means that, theoretically, details about you might end up in the hands of cyber criminals or bad companies as well.

Even though is a typical browser hijacker, it is quite unique in a sense that it uses .bat files. For example, if you have Google Chrome installed on your computer, you can find the Google Chrome.lnk.bat file in C:\ProgramData (if the browser hijacker is inside the computer). Also, it has been noticed that the browser hijacker will create new shortcuts of browsers to point them to .bat files. As a consequence, will be opened automatically for you when you launch any of your browsers. Sadly, this also means that it will be harder to erase the browser hijacker from the system.

Where does come from?

We are sure that a browser hijacker that has changed the settings of your browsers has sneaked onto your PC without permission. Most probably, it has entered your computer in a software bundle. Users usually get these software bundles when they download applications from unreliable third-party websites. Therefore, we suggest that you stay away from such web pages in the future if you do not want to encounter a browser hijacker or another untrustworthy application. On top of that, it would also be clever to install reputable security tool. It would protect your computer 24/7.

How to remove is not an ordinary browser hijacker, so it will not be very easy to get rid of it. If you wish to erase it fully in a manual way, you need to delete the .bat file, e.g. Google Chrome.lnk.bat or Mozilla Firefox.lnk.bat from the computer and then remove the shortcuts that are placed on Desktop. Our manual removal instructions should help you do that. If not, scan your computer with a trustworthy scanner to delete automatically. We highly recommend using the SpyHunter scanner (its free diagnostic version can be downloaded from because we are sure that it will delete for you quickly.


  1. Open the Windows Explorer (Win+E).
  2. Type C:\ProgramData in the URL bar and tap Enter.
  3. Locate the .bat file, e.g. Google Chrome.lnk.bat or Mozilla Firefox.lnk.bat and delete it.
  4. Remove the shortcuts of browsers from Desktop.

N.B There is a possibility that the browser hijacker has entered your computer together with other computer infections. Therefore, you should check your system and then delete those additional threats, if it turns out if that they are really there.

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