Fake warning (800)-794-3298

What is Fake warning (800)-794-3298?

When you find Fake warning (800)-794-3298 on your screen, it can mean one thing: Your computer has been penetrated by malware. There are a couple of infections that can generate this fake alert for you. Of course, this warning can be quite deceiving for inexperienced computer users who may take it seriously and would rush to dial the provided telephone number. Unfortunately, if you do so, you may lose a few hundred dollars; not only because the call could be long and expensive, but the supposed technician you will be speaking to may try to sell you some unnecessary services and products to solve non-existing issues. It would be a big mistake to call these schemers. Our malware researchers at anti-spyware-101.com advise you to remove Fake warning (800)-794-3298 the moment you notice it on your screen. Please read our full report to understand the potential risks the presence of this fake alert may hold for you and your system.test

Where does Fake warning (800)-794-3298 come from?

This infection actually comes through this webpage: calltollfreesupportnow.space/7mfjfjf/index.html?tfn=8007943298&ftfn=(800)-794-3298#2. This means that it has no file on your computer except for the potential infection that can redirect your browser to this particular page. In fact, there are two main reasons for you to end up on this malicious page. First, it is possible that you click on a corrupt third-party pop-up ad that results in your landing on this fake alert webpage. This can happen if you visit suspicious file-sharing websites that tend to be filled with unsafe third-party ads. But such a pop-up can also come from malware. So the second reason for your infection is that there is some malware on your system, such as adware and browser hijacker, that can redirect you to this fake alert message. That is why in order to be able to delete Fake warning (800)-794-3298, you need to be able to identify the responsible malicious program first.

It may also help you not to infect your computer in the future if you know how such infections can infiltrate your system. The most likely way for adware programs and browser hijackers to end up on your computer is via freeware bundles. Such malicious software packages can be downloaded while you are searching for free movies, games, and programs and land on an unfamiliar corrupt webpage. Such a page usually hosts a number of unreliable third-party ads, including banners, text links, and pop-up ads. Clicking on such content can drop a whole bundle of malware infections onto your computer. Therefore, you should be very careful about where you download software and movies from. We recommend that you always use official and reputable websites since ending up on unfamiliar questionable sites can have unfavorable consequences. This kind of situation can only be tackled by removing Fake warning (800)-794-3298 and all related infections.

What does Fake warning (800)-794-3298 do?

This fake alert infection activates when you land on its website by way of redirection. You will see a webpage in the background that has “BSOD” in its title, i.e., this page pretends to be a blue screen of death although it does not even resemble the usual BSOD; in fact, it is not even blue. This page has some made-up information and error codes; supposedly, “dllRegisterSetting has detected” an error in your system. This page may look authentic to an inexperienced computer user. Apart from this page, a window also opens on top that informs you about an unfortunate problem, a “serious malfunction,” and you are asked to call (800)-794-3298 where a supposedly “Microsoft Certified technician” will reply and help you with your system issue. However, our malware researchers say that this is just a regular technical support scam that is all about selling you a product or service that you most likely do not even need, not to mention that the call itself may also be costly. Since this is none other than a fake alert, we suggest that you do not call this number. Instead, you should remove Fake warning (800)-794-3298 right away.

How can I delete Fake warning (800)-794-3298?

Unfortunately, this infection does not have a specific application that you can uninstall via Control Panel. What you need to do is identify the malware that can redirect you to the malicious fake warning webpage. Since this can be an adware program or a browser hijacker, there are two main places you can check. First, go through your install programs list and uninstall all suspicious programs. If you are in doubt, you can use our search box at the top. If it is a threat, we most likely have a description for it in our database. Another place to look at is the extension lists of your browsers. There you can simply remove the unwanted or suspicious extensions mostly concentrating on browser hijackers and toolbars. We have prepared instructions for uninstalling applications through Control Panel. Please use it as a reference if you need assistance. In order to protect your computer from similar attacks it would be best to install a reliable anti-malware application that can automatically detect and eliminate all known threats.

Remove Fake warning (800)-794-3298 from Windows

Windows XP

  1. Open the Start menu and pick Control Panel.
  2. Click Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Select the application and press Remove.

Windows Vista/Windows 7

  1. Open the Start menu and choose Control Panel.
  2. Access Uninstall a program.
  3. Select the application and press Uninstall.

Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10

  1. Tap Win+X and open Programs and Features.
  2. Select the application and press Uninstall.
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