Ebola Early Warning System

What is Ebola Early Warning System?

Ebola Early Warning System is a free software program aimed at those computer users who are terrified by the Ebola virus. The program is supposed to warn users about Ebola outbreaks in the near area and is known to be working properly in the United States only. If you follow the news, you must be aware of the fact that the Ebola virus is not in the wild, so there is no need to worry about it. The Ebola Early Warning System should not be trusted. It should be removed from the computer as soon as possible, and, if you want to know why you should not delay the removal, continue reading our report.test

How does the Ebola Early Warning System program work?

Ebola Early Warning System used to be available on the websites ebolawarnings.com and ebola.events.com. In the case of the first website, the user would be provided with the following prompt warning:

Download the Ebola Early Warning System Toolbar to know immediately when a threat in your area!

The executable file of the program was published by the TheWay Holdings LLC and is also known as Ebloa EWS. The original file name is Ebola Early Warning System.exe.

The installation of the Ebola Early Warning System program is tricky because a lot of attention has to be paid to the installation wizard in order to prevent adverse consequences. First, the installer of the program offers you the ONLY search toolbar and asks whether you want to change your default home page and search provider. Additionally, you may be offered to install a program named Block-n-Surf, which is a program for computer users who want to prevent their children from accessing inappropriate websites. Another program is System Optimizer Pro, which a potentially unwanted program that is presented as a tool that can optimize the performance of the operating system. After installation, websites associated with the developers of the installer are loaded. It is highly advisable ignore those websites because some of them may be aimed at deceiving you. In case you have already installed Ebola Early Warning System, you should take action to remove it, not to mention those additional programs.

How to remove Ebola Early Warning System?

The Ebola Early Warning System program does not add functionality to your operating system, and, as you already know, it may cause a lot of trouble, which is why we urge you to remove it from the PC. As regards the removal of the program, we recommend that you rely on a reputable spyware and malware removal tool because the Ebola Early Warning System program has no uninstaller, which would ease the deletion. In order to remove Ebola Early Warning System, it is necessary to remove the registry key created by the program and files located in the ebola.time folder, which is located in the LOCALAPPDATA directory. Even if you choose to remove Ebola Early Warning System manually, you should scan the computer afterwards to make sure that the program is entirely eliminated. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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