Desktops Alert

What is Desktops Alert?

It is difficult to say what Desktops Alert exactly is, but it has something to do with promoting certain websites, allegedly for your benefit. Our security analysts recommend that you remove this program, because all it does is collects information about you. Programs such as Desktops Alert are often misrepresented as useful tools that offer some sort of a neat feature that you cannot find anywhere else. In the case of this program it seems that it wants to trick you into thinking that it will offer you useful websites. If you want to know what this program really does, please read this full article.test

Where does Desktops Alert come from?

Rather than focusing on a global scale, the developers of this particular program decided to go local and have only released Desktops Alert in the Turkish language. Therefore, it is unlikely that PC users residing in Europe or North America will encounter it. However, if you fancy visiting exotic websites that are not in your native language then get ready to face trouble. Our researchers say that this program is bundled with malicious software and put up for download on various software-related Turkish websites. However, Desktops Alert also has a dedicated website which is set to convince novice PC users to get it. This website is called and this is probably where most users get it.

How does Desktops Alert work?

As mentioned, this program’s supposed purpose is to collect information about you in order to present promotional links. However, this program has been set to gather rather sensitive information, such as names, usernames, gender, social network profiles, email addresses, approximate geographical location, and phone numbers. This program can also keep track of your browsing preferences by obtaining browsing and search history. All of this sensitive information is allegedly needed to present you with links to promoted websites. Our researchers suggest that this information can be shared and soled to third parties, particularly those who engage in online advertising.

How do I remove Desktops Alert?

Another important thing to mention is that this program cannot simply be removed via Control Panel. It appears that its developers have deliberately made it difficult for users to do so. To be fair, Desktops Alert’s websites features an illustrated removal guide, but is of no use to those who got it bundled with other software. The fact that Desktops Alert cannot be uninstalled via Control Panel just goes to show how unprofessional its developers are. Therefore, our security analysts have made instructions for getting rid of this program. As an additional precaution we recommend scanning your computer with a malware scanner, provided that you got this program from a software bundle. Programs like this one are apt to be bundled with adware, so do not hesitate — scan your PC and delete all unwanted software.

Desktops Alert removal instructions

  1. Right-click on the Taskbar and click Start Task Manager.
  2. Select Processes and find desktops.exe.
  3. Right-click on it and select End Process.
  4. Then, press Windows Key+E.
  5. Enter %HomeDrive%\Desktops Alert in the address bar.
  6. Delete all files located in the folder.
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