CryptoKill Ransomware

What is CryptoKill Ransomware?

CryptoKill Ransomware is a poorly made copy of Hidden-Tear, a ransomware-type program that was designed to encrypt your personal files and demand money for the decryption key. However, this new ransomware does not ask you to pay a ransom. It just encrypts your files and offers no method, no opportunity for you to get them back. It seems that it is a test version which would explain why it is missing this essential feature. Removing this malicious application is highly recommended because of this fact. For more information, please read this whole article.testtest

How does CryptoKill Ransomware work?

Typically, ransomware can encrypt files or lock the desktop or even do both in some cases. However, CryptoKill Ransomware is not as sophisticated, so it just encrypts files. Now, as mentioned, it can encrypt your files, but it does not drop a ransom note that should feature instructions on how to make a payment and get the decryption key and tool. Our malware researchers say that, when this ransomware infects a computer, it searches for the “%USERPROFILE%\documents\test” file directory and drops a file named CRYPTOKILL_README.txt that is a note that explains what has happened to your files but has no mention of a decryption tool or key. The “test” folder indicates that this ransomware is not completed yet. Moreover, if you do not have the “test” folder already, then it will not create it and will not drop the text file.

Our malware analysts say that CryptoKill Ransomware uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm which is bad news for anyone whose computer has become infected with this malware. Our researchers say that, currently, there is no free decryption tool. Coupled with the fact that you cannot buy the decryption tool from the cyber crooks that developed it, it appears that you have no other option but to delete this ransomware and restore as many of your files from remote storage devices.

Where does CryptoKill Ransomware come from?

Determining how a ransomware in distributed is rarely easy. At present, we do not have information about how CryptoKill Ransomware is particular is being disseminated. Our malware researchers suspect that its developers may have set up a dedicated email server that sends email spam to random email addresses in the hopes of infecting as many computers as possible. The emails should feature a dropper file that can be disguised as a Word or PDF document but is an executable file in fact. The dropper file may be set to download CryptoKill Ransomware from its host server. Also, the crooks might have this ransomware distributed on infected websites that feature Flash or JavaScript exploits that can secretly download this infection on your PC.

How do I remove CryptoKill Ransomware?

Without a doubt, CryptoKill Ransomware is one dangerous piece of programming. Due to the fact that it has not been completed yet, the current version does not offer you to purchase the decryption tool. Not only that, but cyber security specialists have not developed a free decryption program. So we suggest that you remove this ransomware from your computer manually suing our guide featured below. We recommend using SpyHunter’s free scanner to detect the executable file and then go to its location and delete it manually.

Removal Guide

  1. Go to
  2. Download Spy-Hunter-Installer.exe and run it.
  3. Run the installed application.
  4. Select Scan Computer Now!
  5. Press Windows+E keys.
  6. Enter the file path of the malicious file(s) in the File Explorer’s address box and hit Enter.
  7. Right-click the malicious file(s) and click Delete.
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