What is Buuble.net?

Buuble.net is a browser hijacker that some computer users download by themselves. This strange hijacker is officially represented via buuble.net/sobre/, and it is promoted as a tool that supposedly can enhance your browsing experience. This allegedly beneficial tool is targeted at users living in Brazil, and so the website representing it is entirely in Portuguese, and the official slogan reads “Portal de Pesquisa.” Although the official website provides links to the privacy policy and terms of use statements, in reality, these links simply move you down the main page where a few legal statements are found. These statements suggest that the software is 100% malware free, that personally-identifiable information is not collected, that tracking cookies are employed, and that ads by third parties might be introduced to you. Once you click the download link, you are shown a pop-up asking if you agree for the hijacker to show up on startup. If you agree to this, you will need to remove Buuble.net hijacker from your browsers.test

How does Buuble.net work?

According to the research conducted in the Anti-Spyware-101.com internal lab, Buuble.net usually spreads via software bundles, and that is not surprising, considering that this piece of software does not exactly offer exclusive services. Depending on the installer spreading this hijacker, you might face other dangerous infections, including Trojans, keyloggers, etc. You might also encounter no threats. It is truly difficult to say how this hijacker will be spread to your PC, but we recommend exercising caution. To figure out if malware has slithered in, use an up-to-date malware scanner. Overall, regardless of how you install this hijacker, it will corrupt your browser’s shortcuts to ensure that you are greeted by Buuble.net every time you launch the infected browser. As a matter of fact, this hijacker does not even modify homepage, default provider, or new tab settings, and, instead, hijacks the Target. The Target sets where the browser is launched from, but it can also be used by browser hijackers. Other infamous hijackers capable of hijacking the Target include qvo6.com, qone8.com, and Jyhjyy.top.

The interface of Buuble.net is quite strange. The links that are placed under the Redes, Email, and Compras categories are authentic, and you are provided with the option to change the background images using the Configuraçoes tool. Moreover, this hijacker uses the colors of the Google logo, and the search box represents Google Custom Search. Although this search provider might point you to the search engine associated with Google, do not mistake it for a reliable tool. In fact, the search results shown via this engine are most likely to be modified, and you might discover ads and sponsored links instead of useful links. As the official information suggests, Buuble.net can showcase ads, and it is likely that most of these ads will be shown via the search results. Note that these ads are most likely to be selected according to what you are searching now as well as your browsing history, which is something that tracking cookies record. Although it is stated that the cookies of this hijacker do not collect personal information, the cookies installed when you interact with third-party ads could be more intrusive. So, do not interact with ads and, if you do, erase the suspicious tracking cookies.

How to remove Buuble.net

It should not be difficult for you to delete Buuble.net from Firefox, Chrome, or IE browsers. Even the official download page represents the same guide that we offer as well. If you are having trouble with any of the steps, please let us know via the comments section below, and we will assist you as soon as possible. Note that you might have to repeat these removal steps will all shortcuts of the infected browser, including Taskbar, Desktop, and Start menu shortcuts. Once you get rid of the hijacker, quickly scan your operating system to check if malware exists. If you find any additional threats, immediately delete them from your computer. If you cannot do that by yourself, use an automated malware remover.

Removal Instructions

  1. Identify the shortcut of the infected browser and right-click it.
  2. Select Properties and then click the Shortcut tab.
  3. Move to the Target box.
  4. Erase the URL representing the hijacker (e.g., http://www.buuble.net/?utm_source=&utm_medium=).
  5. Click OK and move to the next shortcut (check them all before you move on to the next step).
  6. Restart your computer and then run a malware scanner to examine your PC.
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