What is Backdoor.Bot.ED?

Backdoor.Bot.ED is a malicious Trojan infection that will compromise your system’s security if you do nothing about it. If your computer’s performance is slower than usual, or you experience constant redirections when you browse the Internet, it is about time you ran a full system scan with the SpyHunter free scanner. It is very likely that you have been infected with Backdoor.Bot.ED without even realizing it. Your job right now is to remove Backdoor.Bot.ED from the system at once and protect your computer from similar infections that may indefinitely cripple your system.

Where does Backdoor.Bot.ED come from?

There is no one exact distribution source that is spreading Backdoor.Bot.ED across the Internet, but we happen to know HOW this Trojan enters target computers: This infection makes use of spam emails to distribute itself.

Usually, the spam emails that carry Backdoor.Bot.ED look like they are related to online shopping newsletters. For example, one of the backdoor’s distribution campaigns makes use of an email that has the following subject line:

Order invoice 9156230_08.xls

Users who often shop online are bound to open this email without any second thoughts. On top of that, they might even open the supposed invoice immediately, thus initiating the installation process as the backdoor connects to a remote server behind your back and downloads the payload.

From this we can see that it is not a good idea to open attachments from unknown senders. Do not forget that spam email messages are often employed in malware distribution schemes!

What does Backdoor.Bot.ED do?

Needless to say, Backdoor.Bot.ED works in the system background and does not manifest itself. The program is configured to start automatically each time you turn on your computer. It connects to its command and control center behind your back and downloads configuration information and updates on a regular basis.

Backdoor.Bot.ED is created to collect and steal sensitive personal information, so we can assume that this backdoor makes use of keylogging and other tracking techniques to gather the information you input when you access financial and shopping websites. This shows that Backdoor.Bot.ED is a great security threat, and, unless you remove it from your system immediately, you might face dire consequences.

How to remove Backdoor.Bot.ED from my computer

Unfortunately, Backdoor.Bot.ED is no rogue or adware application. Hence, it is not recommended to try removing it manually. Manual removal would require dealing with important system files, and, if you are not familiar with them, you might end up accidentally deleting some important files.

Your best choice in this situation would be relying on a professional antimalware tool. Invest in a legitimate computer security application and remove Backdoor.Bot.ED automatically. At the same time, you will be able to determine whether your system is infected with other dangerous threats. Finally, a computer security tool will help you protect your PC from similar infections in the future. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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