1-888-535-7102 TechScam

What is 1-888-535-7102 TechScam?

If you face a screen that pushes to call 1-888-535-7102, your operating system has been hit by the 1-888-535-7102 TechScam. This fake warning is enabled by the malicious files on your PC, and it is hard to say how exactly they got into your operating system. Our malware analysts warn that malware is most likely to slither in via software bundles, which suggests that other unreliable threats might be active as well. Another way to encounter this scam is if you get yourself redirected to a malicious page set up to represent it. Obviously, if you are redirected to malicious pages, malware must be active on your operating system as well. In general, it is safe to say that your operating system is infected with malware if you face a pop-up or a screen telling you that you need to solve malware-related issues by calling an unfamiliar helpline number. Needless to say, you need to remove 1-888-535-7102 TechScam-related malware as soon as possible, and we can help you with this task.testtest

How does 1-888-535-7102 TechScam work?

1-888-535-7102 TechScam is very similar to the 1-800-418-4202 TechScam that we have reported not too long ago. Although the latter infection is much more complicated, and its removal is much more challenging, they both are enabled by malicious files, and they both can corrupt the entire computer’s screen to showcase misleading messages. While this infection tries to mimic the Windows Update screen, the malicious 1-800-418-4202 TechScam uses McAfee and Microsoft Security Essentials credentials to fool you. Unfortunately, the messages are very convincing, and users are not allowed to close them, which automatically forces them to read the information provided. Obviously, this information is misleading, and paying attention to it is the biggest mistake. Both, the McAfee and the Microsoft Security Essentials, versions of the scam inform that your operating system is infected with Trojans and other kinds of malware that require removal. You are urged to call technical support at 1-888-535-7102, but, of course, this number will not connect you to the helplines of Microsoft or McAfee. Unfortunately, because of the familiar logos and the warning message (see below), users get confused.

Warning:- “Don’t Shutdown Computer Manually, it may Cause Data lost, Emails, Browser Data, Personal Settings. it may end up with Hard Drive Crash Resulting in a Complete loss to Computer”

Did you notice that the information in the screen notification is presented in broken English? This should be a sign that all of it is just a scam because Microsoft and McAfee would never release official statements and notifications with so many errors. Another thing that can help you recognize the 1-888-535-7102 TechScam as a scam is the number used. All you need to do is enter the number into a reliable search engine to see if it represents legitimate, reliable helplines. Of course, it does not, and, hopefully, you will realize that soon enough. In case you have called the fake number already, check what kind of information you have shared or what kind of software you downloaded. Keep in mind that the schemers behind 1-888-535-7102 TechScam could have tricked you into installing malware and disclosing information that could be used to steal your virtual identity. If you have any concerns about your virtual security, you can contact us via the comments section below.

How to erase 1-888-535-7102 TechScam

If you wish to remove 1-888-535-7102 TechScam from your operating system successfully, the first thing you need to do is disable the screen that has locked it down. According to our research, you should be able to switch to Desktop using the Alt+Tab shortcut. Afterward, you will be able to kill the process of the malicious scam via Task Manager to disable the notification completely. If that does not work for you, you will need to reboot your PC in Safe Mode to eliminate the malicious components. If you need help rebooting in Safe Mode, please post a comment below, and we will add the instructions. Of course, you do not need to delete 1-888-535-7102 TechScam manually after disabling the screen. You can also acquire an anti-malware tool to have this malware erased automatically, which is a good idea if you have other threats to worry about as well. Plus, if you install reliable anti-malware software, you will not need to fear other infections attacking your operating system in the future.

Removal Guide

  1. Simultaneously tap and hold Alt+Tab keys on the keyboard.
  2. Using the Tab key select the Desktop window and tap the Enter key.
  3. Launch Task Manager using the Alt+Shift+Esc shortcut.
  4. Move to the Processes tab.
  5. Select the process named WindowsServiceHost.exe.
  6. Choose End task/End process and click OK.
  7. Tap Win+E keys on the keyboard to launch Explorer.
  8. Type %ProgramFiles% (or %ProgramFiles(x86)%, depending on your Windows version) into the address bar and tap Enter.
  9. Open the Microsoft Corporation folder, then Windows, then System32, and, finally, PowerSaver.
  10. Right-click the file named WindowsServiceHost.exe and click Delete.
  11. Now, enter %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\ into the address bar.
  12. Right-click the file named mysystem.lnk and select Delete.
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