ORX-Locker Ransomware

What is ORX-Locker Ransomware?

ORX-Locker Ransomware is a recently discovered infection that can encrypt your files and demand that you purchase a decryption key from the cyber criminals who use it. It removes itself after it has done its job leaving you with unusable files that may be of huge importance to you. Therefore, having an antimalware program is crucial in order to prevent infections such as ORX-Locker Ransomware from wreaking havoc on your computer. We encourage you to take the time to read this article as this particular infection can enter your computer without you even knowing about it. The files it encrypts remain permanently damaged. You can try purchasing the decryption key, but we do not recommend it, since you might never receive it.testtest

Where does ORX-Locker Ransomware come from?

Our researchers have found that ORX-Locker Ransomware is based on the Tox Ransomware platform that enables cyber criminals to build their own custom ransomware. It appears that this platform’s creators have managed to market it. Needless to say, if this platform proves popular, we might witness a surge in ransomware that will be impossible to combat without appropriate security tools. The Tox Ransomware platform is unique, because never before have cyber criminals managed to offer this type of ransom-as-a-service, which only spells huge headaches for PC users who just want to go about their business. ORX-Locker Ransomware first appeared on August 25, 2015 when its development team known as orxteam announced it in a post. To date, its distribution methods are still in question, but it is most likely distributed using malicious software installers found on websites that host download to pirated material.

How does ORX-Locker Ransomware work?

Ransom-as-a-service (RaaS) enables affiliate parties to generate revenue by encrypting personal files, such as Word and Excel documents, pictures and so on, and demand that you pay a ransom in exchange for a decryption key that you get by following the criminals’ instructions. Ransom-as-a-service platform enables anyone to become a cyber criminal. This infection’s developers offer their clients a graphical user interface that comes with the program. It has a home screen, a malware build page, statistical readings, and even recommended prices. Note that the minimum unlock price is set to $75 USD which is a reasonable sum of money, and of course, it can be increased whenever the cyber criminal wishes.

Once it encrypts your files, it is already too late to do anything about it. After the infection removes itself from your computer it leaves an .html file on the desktop that contains instructions and links on how to pay the ransom and decrypt your files. You may choose to pay the ransom, but there no guaranties that the criminals will honor the payment. We do not recommend that you follow the instructions not only because you might not get the decryption key, but you will also deter cyber criminals from making such malware if there is not money to be made in it.

How do I remove ORX-Locker Ransomware?

ORX-Locker Ransomware removes itself after it has encrypted your files, so you will only have to deal with the consequences. The best solution is to prevent infections, such as this one from entering your computer in the first place. Therefore, we recommend using SpyHunter. This program will prevent ORX-Locker Ransomware from entering your computer, so you do not have to worry about ransomware encrypting your personal files. This ransomware proves how important it is to protect important files and we strongly encourage you not to ignore your cyber security.

ORX-Locker Ransomware removal instructions

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  4. Perform a full system scan and click Fix threats.
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