Online HD TV hijacker

What is Online HD TV hijacker?

Online HD TV hijacker is a browser extension which many computer users have found troublesome. The software called TornTV can be downloaded from its official website and installed as an extension whose shortcut will be placed on your desktop. Even thought the application may seem to be attractive and promising, some users may find this extension installed without their knowledge and approval. This may happen due to CouponDropDown, which is another unwanted program generating various pop-up ads.

What Online HD TV hijacker does

According to, you can watch different channels on your PC for free. The TornTV provides a list of countries and categories of programmes which you might like to view. Interestingly, the channels that are listed under every name of the country are the identical. Moreover, you might not be able to load any channel at all.

Additionally, not only will you find this application on your desktop, but also in the Start menu as well. It is presented in the menu if you do not uncheck a “Create Start menu entry” when installing the tool manually. We advise you to remove Online HD TV hijacker in order to avoid any possible damage that may be caused to the system due to the interference of a third party.

If Online HD TV hijacker is present in the system, you should check whether it is affected by other unwanted programs or not. To do so, our team recommends using only professional spyware removal tools.

How to remove Online HD TV hijacker

Regarding the removal of Online HD TV hijacker, you have two options. First, you can uninstall it manually by using the Add or Remove Programs utility which is in the Control Panel. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users have to find the Uninstall a program option and then remove Online HD TV hijacker. Second, you can eliminate the program by using SpyHunter. Use this program even after uninstalling the malicious application manually in order to make sure that all the components are removed from the system.

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