What is FinSpy?

FinSpy is a general detection name for a Trojan that can be used for spying unsuspecting computer users. There are quite a few detection names for this computer threat including Trojan-Spy:W32/FinSpyA, Monitoring-Tool:Android/FinSpy.C, Trojan-Spy:WinCE/FinSpy.A, Trojan-Spy:iPhoneOS/FinSpy.A and others. From its name it is possible to infer that FinSpy is able to infect various operating systems including mobile ones, which poses a great threat for everyone connected to the Internet, considering the fast-growing number of mobile device users. Since FinSpy cannot be detected by a user himself, the system should be periodically scanned by an antimalware that would remove FinSpy immediately once detected.

Where does FinSpy come from?

FinSpy is part of a legitimate product called FinFisher. It is classified as a commercial Trojan which means it can be sold to various entities. FinSpy is manufactured by a company called Gamma International. When people with malicious intentions get their hands on FinSpy, they can use the product to spy on computer users and steal their information. There have been reports that this malware negatively affected computers and citizens in Bahrain, Egypt, Turkmenistan and other countries.

When the Trojan gets inside target computer it can collect lists of classified information, as well as affecting bank accounts of the users. Basically, FinSpy is used to monitor your system. It can take screen shots and record information by the means of keylogging. This way this Trojan can get a hold of your banking logins and passwords, eventually allowing cyber criminals to access your bank account and steal your money.

What is more, FinSpy can intercept Skype communications, and track your mobile device activities. This requires a strong security input on your side, because you cannot allow FinSpy to thrive on your device.

How to remove FinSpy?

Since it is a malicious application that cannot be detected by a naked eye, you need to perform a full system scan with such a scanner as SpyHunter. Once the Trojan is detected, remove FinSpy automatically with a legitimate computer security tool and then safeguard your system against similar infections.

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