What is TeamViewer_Tracer.exe?

Have you located a file called TeamViewer_Tracer.exe? Although the name of this file suggests that it is somehow associated with TeamViewer, our research team at warns that this is a lie. If this remote control tool is not installed on your PC, you should become suspicious right away. Of course, if it is installed on your PC, you might think that the file is legitimate. Even so, the malicious .exe file is placed in the %ALLUSERSPROFILE% folder, which means that it is isolated from the legitimate TeamViewer files. If you are completely lost and confused, you can install a legitimate malware scanner to do a quick examination and figure out if the suspicious .exe file you are looking at is malicious. Needless to say, a legitimate malware scanner will list all infections that might be active on your PC, and so we recommend using it without further delay. As you must have figured out by now, we recommend deleting TeamViewer_Tracer.exe. If you are not sure why, you need to read this report.

How does TeamViewer_Tracer.exe work?

TeamViewer_Tracer.exe is classified as a Trojan, and its distribution is very unpredictable. It is possible that the distributor of this malicious infection will use various distribution methods to spread it to as many operating systems as possible. Just like many ransomware infections, the Trojan can be represented via a corrupted spam email attachment. It could be attached to software bundles promoting attractive offers. Also, its installer could hide within porn and Torrent websites. Overall, this infection can hide anywhere, and it is your responsibility to do everything to evade it. If this infection – also known as Trojan.Dropper.Dapato, has already invaded your Windows operating system, you might be in trouble. Unfortunately, spotting the infection is very difficult because it does have an interface. In fact, users are likely to face TeamViewer_Tracer.exe only if they scan their systems, stumble upon the file by accident, or use system process monitoring software. Because of that, it is most likely that the infection has performed in a malicious way by the time you have detected it.

The malicious TeamViewer_Tracer.exe is likely to be signed by DELTA-STROI, and we suggest checking the signature before you remove it just to make sure that you are not removing something else. If you detect the malicious file, you need to get rid of it as soon as possible because it can be very dangerous. This .exe file is primarily set to enable remote access to your operating system, and if that is set up successfully, cyber criminals can steal personal information and download malware that could cause other problems. Also, TeamViewer_Tracer.exe could add your system to a botnet so that it could be used for various cyber attacks. Needless to say, you have to get rid of this file sooner rather than later. As mentioned previously, a malware scanner might discover other infections. If you are choosing to eliminate all of them manually, you need to figure out which threats are the most dangerous. The chances are that the devious .exe file is the most aggressive infection on your PC.

How to delete TeamViewer_Tracer.exe

The removal of TeamViewer_Tracer.exe is not at all complicated. As long as you can identify the file, you should have no trouble deleting it. If you are not allowed to do that, you might have to terminate the associated process via the Task Manager first. Of course, other threats active on your operating system might be much more complicated, and you might lack the experience to eliminate all of your by yourself. Because of that, we encourage all users to use anti-malware software to have all threats, including TeamViewer_Tracer.exe, deleted automatically. After this software is done with the removal of malicious threats, it can guarantee full-time protection against all kinds of infections. Clearly, this service is necessary to ensure full-time virtual security, and so you should install anti-malware software without further delay. If you need to discuss anything mentioned in this report, you can add your questions to the comments section, and we will try to assist you as soon as possible.

Removal Instructions

  1. Tap Win+E keys to access Explorer.
  2. Enter %ALLUSERSPROFILE% (or %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\) into the bar at the top.
  3. Delete the file named teamviewer_tracer.exe and then Empty Recycle Bin.
  4. Scan your operating system to check if the Trojan is gone and if you need to remove any other threats.
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