Mns Cryptolocker Ransomware

What is Mns Cryptolocker Ransomware?

If you can no longer access the majority of your pictures, documents, music, and videos, there is a possibility that Mns Cryptolocker Ransomware is the one responsible for making them unusable. It has been detected only recently and it is not very popular yet, judging from a number of computers affected, but, of course, the situation might quickly change since this computer infection is spread through spam emails primarily. Even though Mns Cryptolocker Ransomware does not append its own filename extension after encrypting users’ files, it should become clear quickly that there is a ransomware infection inside your computer because files could not be opened and there is a ransom note left on the computer. Ignore this message left by cyber criminals and go to remove the ransomware infection from your computer. This threat will not be erased from your computer even if you transfer the required money. On top of that, your files might still stay encrypted. Last but not least, there is no point in transferring money to cyber criminals behind Mns Cryptolocker Ransomware also because a free decryption tool has been developed by specialists. Download it and use it to decrypt your files instead. Use it only after you fully erase a file-encrypting threat from your PC because it might strike again and encrypt your files.

What does Mns Cryptolocker Ransomware do?

Mns Cryptolocker Ransomware encrypts users’ files not to make them angry. There is no doubt that it does that to be able to get money from them. It is clearly stated in the ransom note left that cyber criminals only want your money. Evidently, users have to send 0.2 BTC ($166.26) to the provided Bitcoin address (19o4mEEgQhMDSWfsKcDgm8RjT16cCa33Xq). After doing that, such details as a unique ID (it is provided in the ransom note left) and a user’s BTC Wallet must be sent to an email address belonging to cyber criminals. Users should then receive an answer from cyber them. Unfortunately, nobody knows whether they will give you the decryption key to unlock files after receiving your money. Actually, you might not even get an answer from these cyber crooks. Therefore, users should go to use a free decryptor rather than pay money. It will help you to get your files back even though Mns Cryptolocker Ransomware deletes the so-called Shadow copies of files using the following command: vssadmin DELETE SHADOWS /all /quiet. Actually, you do not even need to use this decryptor if you have copies of all your important files on a backup outside the computer because you could recover files easily without the special tool. Do this only after you remove the ransomware infection fully from your computer.

Where does Mns Cryptolocker Ransomware come from?

Since Mns Cryptolocker Ransomware is a new computer infection, it is not easy to say how it is distributed, but specialists at are still sure that it has appeared on your computer illegally. Most probably, this happened after you had opened a spam email and downloaded its attachment. It is one of the most popular ransomware distribution methods, so it is not at all surprising that cyber criminals have chosen it to disseminate Mns Cryptolocker Ransomware too. According to researchers, it should be the main distribution method, but Mns Cryptolocker Ransomware could have been installed on the system if you clicked on a malicious advertisement too. These dangerous commercials are usually shown on corrupted websites. Ransomware infections are quite sneaky threats, so it is not always to prevent them from entering computers. Therefore, users should have security software enabled on their computers in order to prevent similar file-encrypting threats from slithering onto their computers.

How do I remove Mns Cryptolocker Ransomware?

In some cases, Mns Cryptolocker Ransomware deletes itself from the computer after encrypting files, but it does not happen all the time, so you should still check %TEMP%, %USERPROFILE%\Downloads, %USERPROFILE%\Desktop, and %APPDATA% directories. Delete all suspicious files from these directories, if you find any. If you are afraid of deleting important system files, scan your computer with a reputable malware remover, e.g. SpyHunter. It will find malicious files and remove them all for you. Your only job, in this case, is to launch the scanner of a malware remover.

Delete Mns Cryptolocker Ransomware manually

  1. Press Win+E to open the Windows Explorer.
  2. Check %USERPROFILE%\Downloads, %USERPROFILE%\Desktop, %APPDATA%, and %TEMP% (copy and paste the directory in the URL bar at the top to open it).
  3. Delete the malicious file belonging to ransomware if you find it there.
  4. Clear the Recycle bin.
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