What is BackgroundHost.exe?

BackgroundHost.exe is a file that belongs to an add-ons framework which is usually installed alongside browser add-ons, including Cool Smiley Bar for Facebook. Add-on frameworks allow the user to create various browser add-ons for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other browsers. BackgroundHost.exe is usually located in Disk C, and in one of the sub-folders in the Program Files directory. The size of the file is known to be 584.8 KB. If you have found some system errors related to BackgroundHost.exe, it is advisable to scan the computer to make sure that the computer is not infected.

Why should you scan the PC?

It is advisable to implement a reliable spyware removal tool because backgroundHost.exe can be dropped by some adware programs. If, for example, you install Cool Smiley Bar for Facebook, and find that the settings of your browsers are changed and you cannot restore the former settings, implement a reliable scanner. The application drops a file which does not allow you to change the home page, so take actions right now and remove it from the system; moreover, you may be provided with suspicious browser warnings saying that some error has occurred on the website that you want to access or that the page is not found.

BackgroundHost.exe can be used by several companies and various products, so the file may also be known as Smartinline Extension. This application can display various advertisements and change the settings of the browsers. The fact you can be provided with contextual ads means that you should remove the application, that is, to delete backgroundHost.exe from the PC. By removing backgroundHost.exe and other files of the unwanted browser extension, you will prevent redirections to suspicious websites, where your privacy may be exposed to danger.

How to remove backgroundHost.exe?

In order to rid the browsers of the unwanted browser extension, you should implement a reputable spyware removal tool. We recommend that you scan your PC with SpyHunter, which is a powerful spyware removal tool. If your computer contains a dangerous file, it will be deleted immediately. What is more, the software will safeguard your privacy, so take action right now if you want to be sure that you can use the Internet safely. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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