What is AMMYY?

AMMYY is a remote control application that allows you to access another computer remotely. It is useful when you need to have some work done on a particular computer and you cannot be in front of it at the moment. AMMYY can basically help you create a remote office with the application installed on several connected computers. The problem is, however, that the application is highly vulnerable to malicious exploitation and such information is presented even at the official website. Thus, the program falls into the category of potentially unwanted software, and unless you really have to use it all the time, it would be for the best to remove AMMYY from your computer right now.testtesttest

Where does AMMYY come from?

We can download AMMYY at The program is promoted as one of the easiest ways to establish a remote desktop connection. Also, the information provided at the program’s page says that “Ammyy Admin is trusted by more than 28 000 000 personal and corporate users.

The About Us section says that AMMYY was created in 2007 and the distinguishing features of the software include:

  • Simplicity and ease of use

  • Expert development

  • Top rated support

  • Reliability

We have no doubt that AMMYY can be a useful application, but we would not be writing this article if everything was crystal clear.

Why is AMMYY risky?

Even though the software itself is legitimate, AMMYY also posts a warning at their website saying that malicious use of the software has been detected. The problem is that sometimes scammers call people who are less computer-savvy and they say that they are from “Microsoft” or some other technology company. Saying that user’s computer might be infected with a virus, the scammers ask for personal details and AMMYY login passwords, so that they could remove the infection.

Unfortunately, once they are given the AMMYY credentials, the cyber criminals can enter your computer and steal important information. It is obvious that the main objective of cyber criminals is to steal your money. AMMYY has nothing to do with it, but it ends up being exploited in a dangerous scam.

How to avoid malicious scams?

First of all, you need to understand that neither AMMYY nor Microsoft or any other technology company does ever call computer users and tell them about potential threats in person. In case you have granted the access to cyber scammers, you need to stop the AMMYY process and turn off your computer so that the scammers would not be able to steal anything else.

AMMYY does not have any entry in the list of installed programs within Control Panel, but you might be infected with adware or a Trojan, so to determine whether your computer is absolutely safe, run a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner. To remove the program itself, simply delete the AMMYY .exe file you have downloaded.

To get rid of dangerous files and programs (if any) invest in a powerful antimalware tool and do not reveal personal information to people you do not know again. Make sure that your system is protected against dangerous threats from outside. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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