What is Zingload.com?

Zingload.com is not a search engine you should keep on your browser. This website is supposed to provide you with fast and reliable web search, but in reality, it is very likely that it is used by cyber criminals to collect information on your web browsing habits. What’s more, if suddenly your default search engine gets modified without your permission, it is a clear sign that something is fundamentally wrong with your computer, and you simply must remove Zingload.com from your system. To check what else might be wrong with it, run a full PC scan with a licensed antispyware application.test

Where does Zingload.com come from?

Such search engines seldom get downloaded or added to default browsers directly. That is to say; you cannot find official websites that would offer you to add this tool to your browser. Nevertheless, users often end up with such programs on their computers because they are not careful enough. The problem with such applications is that they usually get distributed in bundles. For instance, if you want to download one program, and it comes in a third-party installer with additional apps, the chances are you will not notice those additional applications because you would be too focused on the app you want to install.

It is the case most of the time, so it is not surprising that such programs like Zingload.com manage to enter target system unnoticed. One of the most important things to understand is that they do not infect your computer surreptitiously. The only reason such programs manage to get installed is because you allow them in.

What does Zingload.com do?

As our research shows, this search engine affects the Google Chrome browser. Other browser does not seem to be affected by it, although it may change in the future. The promotional message for the website itself says that “The zingload web search engine is one of a kind as it automatically returns all the best results from leading search engines including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Yandex.” To put it simply, this search engine should be able to process search results from the most popular search engines, and at first, it might sound like a good idea.

However, we do not think that the results filtered through this search provider are reliable. It is very likely that they will be displayed according to your web browsing history. This program collects data on what websites you visit by employing tracking cookies. They cannot find out your personally identifiable information, but knowing your web browsing habits is enough to expose you to potentially corrupted content. This should be enough to convince you to get rid of this search engine, but if you need any more potential development vectors, we might as well tell you.

As you can probably tell, almost anyone can embed their search results in Zingload.com as long as they know how to do it, right? Therefore, it is very likely that cyber criminals could make use of this program, too. If that happens, by clicking a corrupted link you could get infected with malware or redirected to a website that collects data for online marketing purposes. That is definitely something all of us wish to avoid.

How do I remove Zingload.com?

Since this search engine affects only the Google Chrome browser so far, we will provide removal instructions for this browser. Nevertheless, you can apply them to all the other browsers if need be. Our researchers say that it is possible to delete this search engine by removing its extension via the settings menu. That should be enough to restore your browser settings.

Nevertheless, please do not forget to run a full system scan with a reliable antispyware scanner. The fact that you have this search engine on-board means that you most probable have many other unwanted applications, too. The more unwanted freeware you have installed, the slower your computer is, and the bigger is the possibility that you will get exposed to malicious infections in one way or the other. Therefore, do everything it takes to protect your computer from harm and do not hesitate to invest in a powerful antispyware program. A professional computer security tool is your best bet when it comes to ensuring your system’s safety.

Manual Zingload.com Removal

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and select More tools.
  3. Click Extensions and remove the unwanted plug-ins from the list.
  4. Restart your browser.
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