Zekwacrypt Ransomware

What is Zekwacrypt Ransomware?

Our research team has discovered a malicious program that goes by the name of Zekwacrypt Ransomware. It is crucial to be aware of this application since it is known to be roaming the web nowadays. If you ever come across it, make sure to avoid it at all times. You must do so because this application exhibits extremely malicious functionality; like any other ransomware program, it can lock your personal data in a quick and silent manner. It goes without saying that such functionality of this application cannot be tolerated. In our article, we provide detailed information regarding the inner workings of Zekwacrypt Ransomware along with a few virtual security tips to help you maintain a secure system. If you already have this dubious program active on your computer make sure to use the detailed removal guide that we present below to get rid of it once and for all.test

What does Zekwacrypt Ransomware do?

The overall functionality of Zekwacrypt Ransomware is quite straightforward, meaning that it will start doing its dirty work as soon as it enters your operating system. Unfortunately, the whole encryption procedure is quick and completely silent. This feature is used deliberately by developers of this ransomware program to mask the entire process. It is important to note that this malicious program uses a powerful algorithm known as RSA-4096 to lock your personal files. Due to the strength of this cipher the manual decryption procedure is impossible. Each file that is locked by the ransomware program in question will be tagged with an extension that consists of seven random letters. The ransom note will be dropped on your desktop as soon as it is done with the encryption procedure. The note contains information about the fact that your data is locked. It also instructs you to get in contact with developers of this malware in the span of seven days since after that time a private key needed for decryption will be destroyed. Our malware experts highly advise you not to contact the cyber crooks that designed this malware as it could have detrimental outcomes. In most cases, malware developers will try to lure money or your credit card data. Do not make any payments or provide sensitive information to unknown sources. You should also know that paying the cyber crooks for a decryption procedure is not a guarantee that you will regain access to your data as they are not legally bound to do that. Your best bet to limit the data loss imposed by Zekwacrypt Ransomware is by executing its complete removal as soon as it is found active on your PC.

How to improve your virtual security

There are a few precautionary steps that you must take to improve your overall virtual security. Firstly, we advise you to avoid all suspicious e-mail attachments at all times since Zekwacrypt Ransomware is known to be spread via spam e-mail campaigns. In addition to that, we firmly recommend refraining yourself from all unauthorized third-party download sites as they are notorious for being the primary source of bundled installers. Such suspicious setup files are usually employed by malware developers to distributed their questionable applications. Make sure to download all of your software only from authorized developer's sites since they are known to be trustworthy. Also, you should be aware of the fact that cyber crooks use misleading marketing strategies just to lure unsuspecting Internet users into obtaining a program without realizing how it works. While all of these precautionary measures will allow you to reduce the risk of infecting your PC with devious applications, you should know that your best bet to keep your computer safe and secure at all times is by having a professional antimalware tool active on your PC.

How to remove Zekwacrypt Ransomware

The complete removal of Zekwacrypt Ransomware must be performed as soon as it is found up and running on your personal computer. The instructions that we present below should be executed with care. Make sure not to rush the removal procedure as you could face the consequences of an incomplete removal. In some cases, traces of this malware could be used to silently restore it. In other situation, those same leftovers might prove to be enough for Zekwacrypt Ransomware to continue its malicious functionality. Avoid all of this simply scanning your entire operating system with a reliable antimalware tool as soon as you are done with the manual removal.

How to remove Zekwacrypt Ransomware from your computer

  1. Click the Windows button.
  2. Type regedit into the search box and tap Enter on your keybaord.
  3. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion.
  4. Select a registry key entitled Ext and then tap Delete on your keyboard.
  5. Goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes.
  6. Select a registry key called default and then tap Delete on your keyboard.
  7. Select and delete the file named exnrypted_readme.txt from your desktop.
  8. Right-click your Recycle Bin and select Empty Recycle Bin.
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