What is WowMovix?

Even though WowMovix is available on the Chrome Web Store, it does not mean that the program should be trusted, and you should always do your own research before installing any software. Speaking about this particular application, you should be aware that it is a browser extension working only on Google Chrome. Also, it is categorized as adware because it shows various ads while searching the Internet. These ads are provided by a third party, so you could be redirected to their websites, and some of the sites might be untrustworthy or potentially dangerous to your system. However, you can delete the extension at any time and avoid such possible threats. The removal is not complicated, but it could be difficult for inexperienced users, so we will provide you with the instructions below the text.testtest

How does WowMovix work?

The extension appears to be rather annoying, and it could disrupt your browsing. After it settles in your system, you will see lots of various ads, shopping offers, and sponsored links while surfing the Internet on Google Chrome. It is impossible to miss these ads as they might be unrelated to the sites they appear in. For example, it could block the view on the visited web page or replace particular site’s ads with its own. The extension’s creators receive these ads from their third-party partners. The fact is that some of the third-party advertisements could lead you to suspicious websites. If the site has malicious content and your computer is not guarded by a reliable antimalware tool, it might get infected after visiting it. It would be advisable to keep away from the ads and try to avoid clicking them.

Furthermore, in the WowMovix Privacy Policy, it says that “<…> wowMovix will not be responsible for actions that occurred at sites belonging to third parties. Moreover, wowMovix warns from sites belonging to third parties and offers the user to read carefully the terms of use of those sites.” It means that you should not trust these third-party websites, and you have to read their terms to decide if it is safe to visit. Therefore, we cannot say that the extension will improve your browsing experience, but it might make it worse.

Where does WowMovix come from?

The application could be installed through the Chrome Web Store, but it does not seem very popular, so far only twelve people rated it, and it does not have good reviews. The other possibility is that the adware could be traveling bundled with other software, so you may have downloaded it with a program from an unreliable file-sharing website. Probably, you did not notice it in the setup wizard, or you thought that it would be a useful tool and agreed with the application’s installation. The program claims that it will allow you to watch movies, series, and so on free of charge, but as we mentioned before it is classified as adware and its primary purpose is to serve ads.

How to remove WowMovix?

If you are disappointed with the application and want to get rid of its ads, you should delete it from your computer. You can erase the extension manually with the instructions provided below, or you can install a legitimate security tool and let it take care of the adware. The latter option is more advisable if you fear that you might have installed more similar software. In this case, a reliable antimalware tool would help you eliminate all possible threats, and it would protect your computer in the future. If you have any questions related to this adware, leave us a comment below the article.

Delete WowMovix from Google Chrome

  1. Press ALT+F.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Select More tools and press Extensions.
  4. Locate WowMovix extension and select the trash bin button near it.
  5. Choose Remove.
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