What is Win32:BitCoinMiner-CA?

Win32:BitCoinMiner-CA is a dangerous computer infection which can get to your PC through social networking websites and Skype. If you receive a suspicious link from a contact, first make sure that the link has not been sent automatically from your friend’s computer. On clicking the malicious link, you may execute Win32:BitCoinMiner-CA or some other computer infection. It is also believed that the BitCoin malware can be executed by a threat that is disguised as a Trend Micro component.

Some anti-virus programs may be incapable of removing the Trojan even if they detect it. Win32:BitCoinMiner-CA may be only blocked, which means that you should employ a powerful spyware removal tool, which can easily remove the infection.

What does Win32:BitCoinMiner-CA do?

Win32:BitCoinMiner-CA modifies the system settings so that the user loses control over the machine. The computer then functions as a tool for earning digital BitCoin currency. The threat runs surreptitiously causing high CPU usage, which also makes the machine run sluggishly. It is important to note that Win32:BitCoinMiner-CA is capable of more malicious actions. For example, it may be used for stealing sensitive information, including online banking details and some other login information. The components of the threat are likely to be located in the %AppDatad% directory. Win32:BitCoinMiner-CA is already known to have attacked computer users living in Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Germany and some others.

If your security tool has detected the threat or you find that some processes are consuming the system’s resources, do not wait and take immediate actions to examine the system.

How to remove Win32:BitCoinMiner-CA?

In order to ascertain whether Win32:BitCoinMiner-CA is really present within the system, use a reliable spyware removal tool. A single anti-virus program cannot remove all possible computer infections alone, which is why a professional anti-spyware removal tool is necessary in this case. Our team recommends using SpyHunter for this software can easily terminate the malicious infection. Needless to say, it will also protect the PC against malware attacks, which are likely to occur if you do not keep your system updated and protected. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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