What is W97M/Bartallex?

W97M/Bartallex is known to be a malicious macro. According to the security experts working at anti-spyware-101.com, it is usually embedded into a Microsoft Word file. W97M/Bartallex has been detected by security experts on 02 February 2015; however, this infection might enter your system these days as well because it is very prevalent. Unfortunately, this infection might cause serious security-related problems if it enters your system, so it is very important to keep your PC protected. If you think that you have already allowed this threat to enter your system, you should definitely check your system’s condition and then remove W97M/Bartallex if it is present.

How does W97M/Bartallex act?

Our security experts have found out that W97M/Bartallex usually enters the system when users open .doc attachments from various spam emails. These attachments might have a variety of names, including invoice_723961.doc, legal_complaint.doc, and logmein_coupon.doc. If a user opens an attachment, a Microsoft Word file will appear. You will only see random letters in this file and a note “If you document have incorrect encoding – enable macro”. In addition, a notification asking whether he/she wants to enable macros will appear on your screen. If you click OK, you will run W97M/Bartallex. Have you already done that? If it is so, there is a huge possibility that a bunch of malicious programs has been installed on your computer. Unfortunately, it does not seem that you will be able to remove these infections yourself.

If you enable W97M/Bartallex, various malicious programs will be immediately downloaded and installed on your computer. According to the researchers at anti-spyware-101.com, the downloaded file is usually saved and run from %TEMP% directory, whereas the name of the file itself is usually a combination of random letters. Research has also shown that W97M/Bartallex might download backdoors and Trojans that might steal sensitive information. As you can see, it might really cause harm to your computer. If you want to prevent threats similar to W97M/Bartallex from entering your system in the future, you have to install an antimalware tool on your computer. There are many of them available on the Internet; however, we recommend investing in SpyHunter. It is because we know that it is 100% trustworthy.

How to remove W97M/Bartallex from your PC

Unfortunately, it does not seem that you will be able to remove W97M/Bartallex manually. It is very difficult to do that because this infection hides deep on the system and it cannot be removed via Control Panel. Luckily, we know what you should do – you simply have to install an antimalware tool on your computer and then perform the system scan. If you do that, malicious applications will disappear from your computer and you will not have to worry about your system’s condition in the future. It is because a trustworthy antimalware tool will not allow malware to slither onto your PC. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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