What is Trojan.Neurevt.A?

Trojan.Neurevt.A is a Trojan infection that disrupts your computer system by modifying various settigs and then steals sensitive information from your PC. Based on what the attacker wants the Trojan to do, Trojan.Neurevt.A can also allow the cyber criminals to access your computer. Since Trojans enter target systems surreptitiously, it is hard to pinpoint the exact moment when you get infected. In order to protect yourself from such threats you are advised to perform regular system scans with SpyHunter scanner. This way you will be able to prevent any serious damage caused by Trojan.Neurevt.A.

What does Trojan.Neurevt.A do?

This Trojan may be hard to detect, because it has a random file name and it is usually dropped in a random folder in the Program files directory. In order to run automatically each time you turn on your computer Trojan.Neurevt.A creates additional registry entries. What is more, this Trojan hides all the files and folders with "system" attribute by adding another enter into the registry. Also, to expose your system vulnerabilities, Trojan.Neurevt.A terminates security processes and prevents them from running. Once all the built-in security processes are terminated, the Trojan disables security mode on your Internet Explorer browser - this way other malicious infections can find their way into your system a lot easier.

If that weren't enough, the Trojan can steal usernames and passwords of several FTP programs (if you are using them), for example, WinSCP, Putty, FileZilla and others. Not to mention that Trojan.Neurevt.A is known to be able to steal account details from Skype as well. Also, if the hacker requires it, the Trojan connects to a remote server at and downloads arbitrary files or uploads stolen information.

How to remove Trojan.Neurevt.A?

Some users choose to remove Trojans manually, but that is not recommended unless you are a computer expert. The best option is to invest in a reliable antimalware tool that will remove Trojan.Neurevt.A automatically and your system will be protected from similar threats in the future.

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