Browser hijackers category archyve: is presented as a powerful search tool for users, but we can assure you that it is not. Instead, it is another browser hijacker released by Polarity Technologies Ltd. It must be true that this company creates all its products using the same template because they do not differ much from each other. As for, it shares similarities with such search tools as and We are not talking only about the interface here. is also usually set on users’ browsers without their knowledge. Frankly speaking, it has been categorized as a browser hijacker because of that. Users whose browsers’ settings have been changed to automatically launch should go to undo these modifications as soon as possible. Its deletion is recommended because it is not a reputable website that can be fully trusted. In addition, it must be eliminated so that it would be possible to set a new website as a homepage. Read more »

Although was created by Polarity Technologies Ltd., it does not look like other browser hijackers created by this company. A few of them include,, and These hijackers are represented using unique extensions, and the threat we are discussing in this report is not associated with an add-on; at least, not yet. If an extension was involved, it is most likely that you could remove by eliminating this extension. Of course, even if it is installed on its own, you should get rid of it as soon as possible. Malware analysts at the internal lab have analyzed this browser hijacker, and the conclusion is that it is a threat that requires immediate elimination. If you wish to delete this threat as soon as possible, you can find the instructions below, but we strongly advise reading this article first to learn all about the suspicious hijacker. Read more » cannot be considered a trustworthy search tool although its appearance suggests that it is an ordinary search provider. Instead of being a reliable tool for searching the web, this website developed by Polarity Technologies Ltd has been categorized as a browser hijacker. It seems that the majority of web pages developed by this company fall into this category too, so if you ever discover,, or another search tool developed by this company, you should go to remove it without consideration. They usually replace users’ preferred homepages. Untrustworthy search tools do not have uninstallers like ordinary applications, so it is, of course, not a piece of cake to remove them. Of course, it does not mean that it is impossible to make them gone. The information you need to know about the removal is provided in the paragraphs that follow, so continue reading to find out more. Read more » might be behind the alteration of your web browser's default settings. This application has been classified as one more browser hijacker that you should avoid at all times. If you ever happen to find it fully active on your personal computer, make sure to remove it without any hesitation. We highly advise you to do so since this hijacker like any other program of this category could prove to be extremely invasive. Having this devious program fully active on your PC will result in a ruined online experience. If that was not enough, you should also be aware that this hijacker could prove to be quite dangerous since it might subject your operating system to questionable and otherwise suspicious web content. Learn more about the overall functionality of by reading the rest of this report. To get rid of it in a quick an easy manner, make sure to use the detailed instructions that we present below. Read more »

When you find a new search website like as your homepage upon opening your Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer browser, it is a clear sign that a browser hijacker has just managed to sneak onto your system. Our malware researchers at say that this malware infection may not be the worst threat on your system but you still need to take it seriously because it may present to you potentially unsafe content that could cause further virtual security-related issues. As a matter of fact, the presence of this hijacker may also indicate that other malicious software installers have managed to slither onto your system without your knowledge. Facing multiple malware threats could be a challenge for you if you are not an advanced level computer user. Therefore, we suggest that you remove as soon as possible and take care of all other related and unrelated infections as well if you want to make sure that you are safe in your virtual world. Read more »

When, or simply, is set as the home page of your Internet browsers, it is a sign that your operating system is affected by a browser hijacker. If you are certain that you have not made any changes in the setting sections of your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, you should be sure of taking action to remove for good. The search engine may arouse no suspicion from the first sight, but later on some annoying features may hinder your browsing sessions or have an impact on the overall performance of the browsers and your browsing sessions. Read more » is a questionable search engine that can show up in your major browsers as your new home page, even if you do not recall installing it. This search website tries to look useful for the fans of online gaming by displaying a fake toolbar that hosts a number of quick links leading to related websites. As a matter of fact, our malware specialists at has labeled this infection as a browser hijacker due to its capability to modify your browser settings. Although most of the time it is actually you who lets these changes happen, you may still not remember it or realize it because the installers may use confusing and misleading methods to make sure that you overlook this. Since this browser hijacker may expose you to unreliable third-party content through its features, including its search engine, we believe that it can pose a threat to your system security. And, we have not even mentioned yet that it can sneak onto your system alongside other malware threats. If you are a security-minded user, we advise you to act right now and remove from your computer. Read more » is a browser hijacker that travels together with a browser extension called iCoupon Clipper. Our researchers at advise users to be extra careful with the software, because by installing it you may allow the application to automatically modify your browser settings or download and install updates. What’s more, it looks like could be showing modified search results that may include potentially dangerous third-party advertisements. Therefore, using it as your default search engine might be a bad idea. For the sake of the system, it might be best to replace it with a more reliable alternative as soon as possible. If you decide to do so, you should firstly erase the browser hijacker; the instructions located at the end of the text will show you how to achieve it. Read more » is a new browser hijacker belonging to the wide ELEX family. It has fallen into this category not only because it is based on the same template as other hijackers from this family, but also because it tends to show up on users’ Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers without permission. We have to upset you by saying that there is no doubt that this browser hijacker has entered your computer if is launched for you each time you open your default browser. Unlike other browser hijackers our specialists have analyzed, it does not replace default search providers or New Tab URLs. It only sets itself as a homepage. There are users who notice that their preferred homepages are gone, but there are also users who do not pay much attention to a new website they see. Most likely, you belong to the first group of people if you are reading this article. Specialists at only have one piece of advice for those users – they say that this page should be replaced with a legitimate search provider because, although it pretends to be a trustworthy search engine, it will not improve the web searching experience in any way. Read more » can most likely appear in your Google Chrome browser upon launch, i.e., as your homepage, if it has been installed by a potentially unwanted application called PandaViewer. Since this potentially unreliable search engine can change your browser settings, our malware experts at have categorized it as a browser hijacker. Due to the fact that this undesirable software that promotes this hijacker may be distributed in questionable ways, it is possible that a couple of malware threats also entered your system along with this infection. While this search engine page may look all innocent and reliable, you should know that it may gather information about you and may also expose you to potentially harmful third-party content. Engaging with such content could result in more serious threats on board or being scammed by crooks on fake websites. Therefore, we suggest that you take action as soon as possible and remove from your browser. Read more »