Browser hijackers category archyve: is a new search page that can pose a threat to your virtual security with its potentially unreliable contents. Our malware specialists at has found that this questionable search engine belongs to a browser hijacker family that seems to give birth to a new child every other day or so. While there seems to be quite a productive and creative team behind these malware infections, a lot of these pages are sheer clones of each other or only the main themes, i.e., the available quick-links are different. You need to understand the risks of clicking on questionable third-party ads and links such a hijacker may present you with. If you would like to keep your system safe, we recommend that you remove as soon as possible. In order for you to be able to manually defend your system against similar attacks, you need to know how such a browser hijacker may appear in your browsers. Let us tell you the details before we share with you the solution. Read more » is a search tool that might be set on all your browsers (it is compatible with all popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox) without your permission. It usually replaces users’ homepages, default search tools, and New Tab pages; however, it might hijack all browsers’ shortcuts instead in order to automatically open for users when they open any of their browsers. It is the main reason it has been classified as a browser hijacker. If this dubious search tool ever changes your browsers’ settings, delete it no matter how it has managed to appear on your web browsers. If it is loaded for you because the Target line of your browsers’ shortcuts has been altered, you will need to fix those affected shortcuts first because it will revive again. Continue reading to find more about this browser hijacker and its removal. Read more » is a search engine that our malware analysts have classified as a browser hijacker because its developers distribute it using malicious distribution methods. Hence, you can get it onto your browser by installing a software bundle. You should consider removing this search engine, provided that you get it unintentionally. However, you should also know that this hijacker can present you with modified search results with promoted links that come from unknown sources, as well as collect some information about you to customize and personalize the promoted links you see. Read more » is a questionable search website that can show up in your major browsers as your home page. This new search engine is not as new as you may think though. In fact, it is created by the notorious Polarity, LTD., who is also responsible for dozens of other infections that are either identical or very similar to each other. So if you find any of the previous products on your system, including,, and, you should not trust them for a moment. Our malware researchers at have classified this threat as a browser hijacker. Since this hijacker can sneak onto your system in questionable ways, chances are you will find other malware infections present as well. This search engine page may present to you questionable search results that may include unreliable third-party ads and links. All in all, we recommend that your remove from your computer as soon as possible. Read more »

If you are not too well-versed in computer security, you may think that is a decent search engine that is part of the Google family. However, our research shows that this domain is a browser hijacker, and thus it can be used by malevolent third parties to collect your information for commercial purposes.

You must have opened this description to read more about the hijacker. It is not that hard to remove it from your system, and for that, you simply need to follow the instructions we have presented below. Please do everything you can to protect your computer from harm. Read more » is yet another browser hijacker by Polarity Technologies. This new hijacker is the newest addition to an ever expanding army of browser hijackers that are distributed around the web using malicious software bundles. We recommend that you remove this hijacker as its sole objective is to replace your browser’s default homepage address to compel you to use it as a regular search engine. However, the trust is that is far from regular. It redirects search results to another search engine, and the results are known to feature promotional links of unknown origin. Read more »

If you are not familiar with Polarity Technologies LTD, you might not know that is a browser hijacker that has hundreds of clones. While some of them have unique traits (e.g., they promote unique links), this one is identical to,, and many other hijackers that are offered as Internet speed testers. While the interfaces of these hijackers are completely identical, the extensions representing them are unique. These extensions are created by the same company, and they are meant to introduce users to the hijackers. Some of these extensions include Internet Speed Pilot, Speed Tester BRS, and Easy Speed Test Access. Surprisingly, in most cases, every add-on developed by Polarity Technologies LTD has its own web page. The extension representing the hijacker that is discussed in this report is called “Super Speed Tester,” and you can download it from for free. Maybe that is the main reason this hijacker is spreading. All in all, regardless of how it has entered your PC, you must delete, and we can show you how. Read more »

If you are not sure how got in, it is possible that it has hijacked your browser illegally. If this is the situation, you must need no explanation as to why this threat is classified as a threat. Now, if you have installed it yourself, the chances are that you have been tricked into thinking that this tool is useful, or you might have decided that it is better than your regular homepage. In any case, the infection is most likely to be spread via bundled installers because an official installer does not exist, and it does not appear to be linked to any app that has an official installer. Obviously, if malicious infections have managed to slither into your operating system along with the hijacker, you need to remove them as soon as possible. Since these infections could be much more dangerous, we suggest scanning your operating system before you continue reading this report. If the scanner finds critical threats, you will need to get rid of them before you shift your focus on deleting Read more »

If your homepage was replaced by without your permission, you should have no questions regarding whether or not this hijacker is malicious. However, if you have been convinced to modify the homepage yourself, you might have a harder time understanding this threat. According to analysts, most users are likely to be tricked into installing the hijacker. It should be introduced by an add-on called “Online Free Forms,” which you might decide to install thinking that it could offer beneficial services. In reality, this extension has no other purpose but to spread the hijacker. Have you acquired the hijacker separately from the extension? If that is the case, you should be able to delete by modifying the homepage URL, which you should be able to do manually by removing the unwanted homepage URL. We strongly recommend eliminating this hijacker, and if you are not sure about the reasons, please read this report, and you will find out. Read more »

It is quite easy to end up with a questionable search engine like in your browsers after you click on unreliable web content or install a freeware bundle. Since this search engine mostly uses questionable methods to spread on the web, it is quite likely that you do not even recall installing it. This search engine looks very simple so you may not even realize that the home page setting has changed in your browsers. The problem is that this would mean frequent exposure to the potentially unreliable third-party content this search engine page may display if you use it for web search. Leaving such a potential threat on your system could soon cause virtual security issues for you. That is why we suggest that you remove as soon as possible. For more details about this risky search engine, please continue reading our report. Read more »