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If you see an excessive amount of ads, pop-ups, and coupons while browsing the web, it could be an indication that your computer is in connection with and adware server. One such server is known as In most instances, connectivity with this suspicious server is initiated and maintained by a devious third-party application. Due to such connectivity, browsing the web becomes a frustrating and otherwise bothersome experience. That is so because third-party content constantly interrupts your online activities. On top of that, you should know that being in connection with an adware server could be somewhat dangerous as well. In this report we present further information, gathered by our researchers, about the server. Also, you will find a few virtual security recommendations on how you can keep your PC safe and secure at all times. Besides all of that, we include a removal guide to help you delete the suspicious application associated with Read more »

TAP Provider V9

It was decided that TAP Provider V9 should be classified as an adware server. Our researchers at say it might be related to the Elex browser hijackers and with cracking tools like KMSpico. In other words, the suspicious application in question could be spread with the mentioned unreliable tools. Of course, as you continue reading the article, we will explain the possible application’s distribution channels in more detail. Besides, we will talk about the program's working manner and why it might be a bad idea to keep it on the computer. Should you decide there is no place for TAP Provider V9 on your computer, we urge you to get rid of it as fast as possible. One of the ways to do so is to follow the provided deletion steps at the end of this page. Read more »

Google Lead Services

Google Lead Services is an adware server that is not related to the Google corporation in any way. Our malware specialists at say that this adware server is similar to and You may be misled by the third-party advertisements this server may show you and you could infect your computer with all kinds of malicious or potential threats. After clicking on corrupt ads you can also end up on new tabs with malicious websites trying to scam you. When you find ads by this adware server in your browsers, it is quite likely that you computer is infected with malware threats. We suggest that you remove Google Lead Services as soon as you can to protect your computer from further threats. Please read our whole report on this adware server to understand how you can defend your PC in the future more effectively. Read more »

Malware experts working at have discovered a dubious adware server, which goes by the name of It is important to note that being in connection with this server, could negatively affect your online sessions, to put it lightly. That is so because such server might flood your web browser with worthless third-party web content. Unfortunately, there is more to being in connection with this adware server than just annoyance. Our researchers have discovered that with its help cyber crooks might be able to use your computer's resources for mining cryptocurrencies. It is also critical to note that a questionable third-party application could initiate the suspicious connectivity. If you wish to have a better understanding of this adware server, be sure to read this article in its entirety. Also, we provide a few virtual security tips to improve your overall virtual security. Finally, we include a generic removal guide to help you delete a program associated with Read more » is one more devious adware server that our researchers have recently discovered. Such servers are infamous for a couple of reasons. One of them is the fact that it can host all sorts of questionable content; it might contain ads, pop-ups, coupons, and other dubious web content. Another one is because it is closely associated with various computer infections. In most instances, connectivity between your PC and the devious server is established by a suspicious third-party application, which could be already active on your operating system. Due to that, browsing the Internet will become a much more annoying task since you will be interrupted by undesirable web content at all times. Learn more about this questionable adware server by reading our report in its entirety. Alongside such information, we include a few virtual security recommendations and a generic removal guide, which you should use to delete a program associated with the server. Read more » is not an infection by itself. It is an adware server that can be used by a number of adware applications. If you are constantly being redirected to this website, you mostly likely have an unwanted program installed on your PC. Hence, to avoid this domain, you need to take care of the potential threat that is running on your system. When you remove the adware program in question, will disappear from your browser as well. There might be more reasons this adware server appears on your browser, and we will cover them in the article below. Read more » is an advertising service that works jointly with various adware programs and nefarious websites to provide you with third-party advertisements. You are likely to notice the address once you click the advertisement, or before the landing page is loaded. Everyone behind those annoying advertisements and the questionable server is interested in taking advantage of as many Internet users as possible, so do not get surprised by tons of pop-ups, web banners, coupons, and interstitial advertisements that may be displayed by this advertising server. Read more »

Your Device Is Showing Suspicious Surfing Behaviour Page

Your Device Is Showing Suspicious Surfing Behaviour Page

Your Device Is Showing Suspicious Surfing Behaviour Page,, represents a message, according to which, cryptocurrency mining is performed using your system’s resources. If you are not familiar with the action of Monero mining, you probably have no idea what this means. Mining is a process during which transactions are validated to receive cryptocurrency as a reward. While mining is meant to be performed in legitimate “mines,” malicious parties have found another way to do it. They have managed to exploit the CPU (central processing unit) power of individual users’ computers. In the past, mostly silent Trojans and other kinds of malicious programs were used for that. Now, websites can be exploited or set up for the same purpose, using a mining code that is injected into the site’s code. In some cases, popular, widely-visited websites are corrupted to inject the code so that mining could be initiated. In other cases, sites are set up for that purpose, and that is what we see with the Your Device Is Showing Suspicious Surfing Behaviour Page. Deleting this page from your screen is necessary. Read more »

"Mozilla Firefox Opinion Poll" Messages

"Mozilla Firefox Opinion Poll" Messages usually appear on users’ screens when they open dubious domains containing them, for example, or Some of them visit domains containing "Mozilla Firefox Opinion Poll" Messages by mistake, whereas others are taken to them from other pages when they click on suspicious links they have. Of course, users might be taken to these websites automatically immediately after they land on dubious pages too. Even though we are talking about "Mozilla Firefox Opinion Poll" Messages in this report, it should be noted that texts these messages contain might change. For example, if you use Google Chrome, you will find its icon at the top of the pop-up window and, on top of that, you will see “Dear Chrome user” instead of “Dear Mozilla Firefox user.” These messages users encounter when surfing the Internet do not look malicious at all. Also, they tell users that they will have a chance to get amazing items for free if they simply take a survey, so the chances are high that many users click OK on these messages they see and complete the survey. We can assure you that you will not be given any prize, so do not waste your time on taking any surveys. In the worst-case scenario, this might even result in problems related to your privacy, so you should go to eliminate "Mozilla Firefox Opinion Poll" Messages instead of taking surveys. Read more »

Adware servers may not be your worst nightmare, but they can be easily used in a number of corrupted schemes. may pop up in your screen offering various sales deals, interesting web pages, wallpapers, and so on. If you no longer want to be redirected to this server, you should try resetting your browser because there might be an extension that constantly redirects you to this website. At the same time, you should also consider scanning your system with a security program. It is very important that you scan your system with a reliable antispyware tool as well, to ensure your computer’s safety. Read more »