What is SuperfishIEAddon.dll?

SuperfishIEAddon.dll is a browser helper object which is installed onto the Internet Explorer web browser as soon as you install Superfish Window Shopper or Save as Deal Finder. Both of these applications are interrelated, as the first plugin displays advertisements through the so-called Finder. The plugin has been developed to produce reliable virtual offers whenever you shop online. Nevertheless, reputable spyware researchers, including, recommend that you act extremely cautiously with this Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome extension. Without a doubt, our main concern is the browser helper object (or BHO) which, in the worst case scenario, could cause virtual security risks. Please continue reading to learn how you can delete SuperfishIEAddon.dll and why the removal may be important.

 Should you delete SuperfishIEAddon.dll?

The suspicious BHO is usually installed as a browser plugin; however, its true location within the operating Windows system is %PROGRAMFILES%\Superfish\Window Shopper. The application has been discovered in various different seizes, including 281.80K, 285.89K, 303.10K and 307.1K. The component has been set to start running immediately after you turn on the computer, and this is when Superfish starts tracking your online activity. Without a doubt, the information collected by the plugin is not personally identifiable; however, the developers of the program can discover your geographical location, your IP address and potentially your search history. All of this is meant to help the creators of Superfish Windows Shopper to provide you with more interesting virtual offers, advertisements and coupons.

According to research, schemers often utilize browser helper objects to collect private, sensitive information, including your email address or even login data (passwords and user names). This is highly dangerous to the virtual security, and so you should be extra careful with the BHO, cookies, browser plugins and computer applications installed on your personal system. Unfortunately, in some cases cyber criminals may hijack completely authentic and harmless tools like the Superfish Windows Shopper in order to perform highly mischievous activity. If you do not want to be targeted by schemers, we suggest you stay cautious about the plugins running on the browsers, as well as ensure that the virtual security is guarded by authentic spyware detection and removal software.

 How to remove SuperfishIEAddon.dll?

If you do not know how to locate and delete suspicious computer components manually, we suggest you delete SuperfishIEAddon.dll using automatic spyware detection and removal software (e.g. SpyHunter). Note that if you choose to remove the browser helper object, the running of Superfish Window Shopper could be jeopardized. You can remove this program as well. There are plenty of reliable and beneficial plugins which can replace this particular program. If you still have questions related to the suspicious dynamic link library file or its removal, you are more than welcome to leave them in the comment section below.

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