SQL injection Botnet

What is SQL injection Botnet?

SQL injection Botnet is a Trojan infection that targets an immense amount of computers worldwide. According to various news reports, SQL injection Botnet has infected over 12 500 systems worldwide and that is definitely not the end. It has been on the loose since May 2013. Computer security experts as of yet have not been able to determine the exact method of distribution for SQL injection Botnet. Since it is a Trojan it means that it can run stealthily in your system behind your back. Therefore, in order to determine whether your computer is infected or not you need to run regular system scans with licensed antimalware tools.

Where does SQL injection Botnet come from?

It is known that SQL injection Botnet disguises itself as a legitimate Mozilla Firefox add-on. However, that does not mean that only Mozilla Firefox users are at risk. This infection can be hiding in a variety of random websites, and so far no correlation has been found among them. Thus, if you download the SQL injection Botnet installation file, you may think that you are installing a legitimate extension, which is obviously not the case.

As of now Mozilla has disabled the fake add-on which is used by SQL injection Botnet in its distribution scheme, but you still need to be careful when you browse the Internet, because such dangerous Trojans are always waiting for a new victim to appear.

What does SQL injection Botnet do?

First and foremost, this infection will definitely slow down your computer and the Internet connection. It is also possible for SQL injection Botnet to install a backdoor Trojan infection that can take control over the compromised system.

Usually Trojans are created to steal sensitive information and help cyber criminals carry out an identity theft, but although SQL injection Botnet has an ability to steal logins, passwords and other sensitive information, this function does not seem to be activated. According to security news, the main objective of SQL injection Botnet is to infect as many computers as possible and then make use of them as scanning platform that searches for vulnerable websites that are easy to exploit for various malware distribution purposes.

How to remove SQL injection Botnet?

As you can see, SQL injection Botnet does not pose any direct danger to your personal data and sensitive information, however, it can take over your computer and exploit the system for its own purposes, and that is definitely something you should not tolerate.

Removing a Trojan from your computer manually is not an easy task. Therefore, you should invest in a reliable computer security application that will can your PC and then remove SQL injection Botnet for you automatically. Keep in mind that with one Trojan on your computer, there is a high chance that you have a lot more infections as well, so a full system check-up is always a good idea when you need to safeguard your computer against dangerous intruders.

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