Software Education Hijacker

What is Software Education Hijacker?

If your browsing sessions are interrupted by abrupt redirecting to, there is no doubt that the malicious Software Education Hijacker has corrupted your operating system and Internet browsers. The devious redirect virus could have accessed your PC after clicking on misleading online ads or random links, downloading from P2P file-sharing sites or opening spam email attachments. These security gaps are often utilized by schemers to infect targeted systems with devious, clandestine, treacherously running infections. Fortunately, the vicious hijacker is a visible infection, and all you have to do is recognize and delete it. Unfortunately, Software Education Hijacker removal must be preformed quickly before it can be used to infiltrate secondary malware onto your personal computer. Do you wish to learn more about the threat and its removal? spyware researchers invite you to read more.

How does Software Education Hijacker act?

Once schemers manage to infiltrate Software Education Hijacker onto your personal computer, the first thing you should notice is unauthorized redirecting to It is unfortunate but this site does raise any suspicions. In fact, at first sight, it may appear that the presented search engine is powered by Google itself. Of course, this is not true, and you should refrain from clicking on the displayed Google and Twitter links or use the Search engine altogether. Even though it is possible that some of the search results would be useful to you, others could be related to adware, online scams and clandestine malware distribution. Needless to say, you should also ignore the online ads presented through the web page, as it is impossible to know what sites you could be forced to visit after clicking on misleading, potentially attractive ads. Overall, as soon as you notice these suspicious processes, you have to rush to delete Software Education Hijacker.

How to remove Software Education Hijacker?

You should not consider manual Software Education Hijacker removal if you do not have previous experience. In this case it would be best to employ automatic removal software. SpyHunter is a great choice and you can acquire it by clicking on the presented download button. Unfortunately, once the hijacker is removed, you may be left with reconfigured browser settings. Below are a few manual removal steps which will help you get rid of any Software Education Hijacker traces.

Modify web browser settings

Delete from Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Open the browser and click on the icon placed next to the search box at the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Select Manage search engines.
  3. Click the unwanted option, select Remove and click OK.
  4. Simultaneously tap Alt+T and select Options.
  5. Click on the General tab, remove/overwrite the provided home page and click OK.

Delete from Google Chrome:

  1. Simultaneously tap Alt+F and select Settings.
  2. Move to On Startup, mark Open a specific page, click Set pages, delete the provided URL and click OK.
  3. Move to Appearance, mark Show Home button, click Change, remove the provided URL and click OK.
  4. Move to Search, click Manage search engines and click X to remove the undesirable URL. Click OK.

Delete from Internet Explorer:

  1. Simultaneously tap Alt+T and click Internet Options.
  2. Click on the General tab, delete/overwrite the home page and click OK.
  3. Tap Alt+T again, select Manage Add-ons and click Search Providers.
  4. Click on the unwanted search engine and click Remove. Select Close to apply the changes.

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  1. Glad you put this information up. I rarely click on random links for this very reason but I have had a virus before and it was a pain in the ass. Thanks!

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