What is is a search engine that can be classified as a potentially unwanted application along with its Ask Toolbar. It does look very neat and professional, but it is not as much useful as it is distracting and not very good at fulfilling its purpose. The engine does not offer an acceptable level of security, too, which becomes clear after reading their privacy policy. While it would be a bit too far-fetched to call it a browser hijacker, if it happens to be a default search on your browser it would be a good call to remove

What does it do?

If your browser has had its default search engine changed to, it is probably because you have Ask Toolbar installed on your computer. It is not malicious, however, it can be a nuisance, plus, it often comes bundled with freeware and shareware downloads, so usually it becomes a surprise add-on.

What it is exactly that does when it is running in your system, though? There are two things that should concern you. First, it is not very accurate with the results, as the ones you will see on the top are sponsored and unrelated to what you are looking for.

Then there is their privacy policy, which explains that they collect quite a lot of information on you, such as your IP address, browsing history. Also, it states that they do not accept responsibility for what the associated third parties collect and do with the data on you. Those are good enough reasons to delete See the excerpts of the aforementioned privacy policy below:

Information we collect about your computer or mobile device when you use the Services:


 (6) If you install a toolbar, in addition to the information listed herein and as otherwise provided, we also collect information about the specific release date and distribution source of your toolbar, unique toolbar ID, toolbar partner ID, and information contained in error log files or cookies, search queries, including erroneous domain name system requests, if applicable, aggregated query data, aggregated click information, etc.


Data collection and sharing involving third parties:

1)      Advertisers and advertising networks place ads (including sponsored links in search results) on our site and in our mobile applications. These companies as well as data analytics companies who service them may collect information, such as your computer’s IP address, browser information, mobile device ID, and search queries, as you use our Services. They also may use web technologies such as cookies and pixel tags to collect data about you when you visit our site.

How to remove

Luckily, this search engine is relatively easy to get rid of. However, it is a good idea to scan your computer afterwards as the third parties associated with the search engine could have led to infections in your system. Read below to find instructions on how to change your browser settings to have a different search engine and home page and delete Removal Guide:

Internet Explorer

  1. Click Alt+T to get into Tools.
  2. Select Internet Options.
  3. Under Home page, remove
  4. Enter a new search engine or click Use default.
  5. Next to Search, click the Settings button.
  6. In the dialogue box that will open, select and remove the current search.
  7. Select or enter the search engine you want to use.
  8. Scan your computer with SpyHunter to check for infections.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Click Alt+T to get you into Tools.
  2. Under General tab, delete the current home page.
  3. Enter a new home page address or click Restore to Default.
  4. Click the icon of the search you are using on the left of search bar.
  5. Select Manage Search Engines.
  6. Click on the search you want to delete.
  7. Click Remove on the right.
  8. Click the icon of the search that is set currently on the left of search bar.
  9. Click the icon of the search you want to use in the dialogue box that appears.
  10. Download this scanner: (you get a free scan).
  11. Install and run it to make sure your system is safe.

Google Chrome:

  1. Click Alt+F to open Tools.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Under On startup, choose Open a specific page or set of pages.
  4. Click Set pages next to it.
  5. Enter the URL of a page you want to see as your home page.
  6. Go back to Settings.
  7. Under Search, click Manage search engines….
  8. Hover over the search you want to delete, press X to delete it.
  9. Hover on the search engine you want to use, click Make default.
  10. Download SpyHunter:
  11. Install and run it to be sure your computer is not infected.
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