What is ZipperPro?

ZipperPro is a file compression tool that you should refrain from using. This program says it can produce an impressive compression ratio and support many file formats, including the most popular ones. However, even if the program may work properly, its usage has many disadvantages that you should know. First of all, we consider it to be a potentially unwanted application because the majority of users have no clue how ZipperPro has sneaked onto their computers. Second, this program may start to act in an unacceptable way as it tries to install more software on your PC, seeks to modify your browser’s settings, and irritates you with commercial offers. Your virtual life will surely be safer if you remove this application.

Where does ZipperPro come from?

The official website of this application says that ZipperPro is a product of SoftPulse SL. This company distributes adware and other potentially unwanted programs. Many security tools even detect SoftPulse installers as threats to system safety. This is because those installers insist that you should accept applications which are offered in addition to the program you willingly install. In the case of ZipperPro, it is possible to decline unwanted programs, but many users miss that possibility, thus receiving a couple of, or even more, questionable programs onto their devices.test

ZipperPro can also be bundled with borderline legitimate free applications. It is not entirely safe to use various sources that offer software products for no cost. You may never be 100% sure what exactly you will receive and what apps may come along together with the program you install. Sometimes people even infect their computers with viruses while installing free programs, so you should be as cautious as you can while visiting file sharing pages.

How does ZipperPro act?

As has already been mentioned, ZipperPro tries to install additional programs on your PC. In addition, the untrustworthy file compressor may offer to replace your default search provider and homepage. Do not do this in any case, as any search engine this potentially unwanted application can promote may provide you with unreliable results to your search queries.

The suspicious program will also require your system resources because of the advertisements it may display. You will encounter those ads inside the application. Please note that those ads may vary each time. The program uses cookies to gather some information on your Internet browsing habits and thus may generate customized advertisements. ZipperPro also allows third-party advertising, so you may be disturbed with commercial offers during your Internet browsing sessions as well.

The antimalware analysts working at recommend that users delete the unreliable file compressor from their computers. To make this task easy for you, we have prepared the short instructions you will find below this article. Many users do not like to fight all the unwanted applications manually, and they prefer using a dependable antimalware scanner. They have their reasons for this. A professional protection tool is capable of not only finding and eliminating the unreliable programs but also of preventing any suspicious-looking applications from entering your computer. Do not hesitate to ask us for a recommendation in case you decide to try some trustworthy protective program.

Removal of the unwanted application

Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10

  1. Navigate to the Charm bar.
  2. Click on Search and enter Control Panel in the box.
  3. Click on the icon and open Uninstall a program.
  4. Remove the unwanted program.

Windows XP

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Go to Control Panel.
  3. Access Add or Remove Programs and eliminate the unwanted application.

Windows 7 and Windows Vista

  1. Launch the Start menu and select Control Panel.
  2. Choose Uninstall a program.
  3. Delete the undesirable application.
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