Windows Security & Control

What is Windows Security & Control?

When it comes to the many Windows Security & Control warning messages which you will receive you need to know that these are all false. You see Windows Security & Control is false and is nothing that it pretends to be. You should also seriously understand that Windows Security & Control will not help your computer system in any way and is only going to result in huge amounts of trouble for your PC.
Windows Security & Control may gain access to your computer system via a Trojan, download or file when you are making use of peer to peer file sharing websites. The moment that get infected with Windows Security & Control your computer problems shall begin. Windows Security & Control is delivered by a very serious Trojan which is capable of blocking all computer programs and Your internet connection.

Windows Security & Control is different from other rogue programs because it blocks your desktop and wont allow running any other programs. A simple solution to enable the desktop:

When the Windows Security & Control program appears, click the link at the bottom left corner (1) and after a browser opens up, you will be able to close the Windows Security & Control program (2).

Notice that you only closed the program and it should still be eliminated from Your computer. The reason why it is essential to remove Windows Security & Control from your computer system is because if you don't you will experience many computer warnings which will appear real and may even adopt interfaces from real software programs. This is all done in an effort to trick you so that you will proceed to purchase the full version of Windows Security & Control which does not exist at all and is simply a trick to try and obtain your money. Rather get rid of Windows Security & Control immediately before any further damage is done.

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