Wana Decrypt0r 2.0 Ransomware

What is Wana Decrypt0r 2.0 Ransomware?

Wana Decrypt0r 2.0 Ransomware is yet another malicious program that you must avoid at all costs. This is crucial since having this malware active on your PC just for a short amount of time could have devastating outcomes, to say the least. Just like any other application classified as ransomware, this one can encrypt vast amounts of files without any notification or authorization. It goes without saying that losing access to a large amount of data could have disastrous outcomes. To have a better understanding of how this malicious program functions, make sure to read the rest of our report as we present detailed information gathered by malware experts working at Anti-Spyware-101.com. Furthermore, we present a few virtual security tips to help you maintain a fully secure operating system at all times. To delete Wana Decrypt0r 2.0 Ransomware without encountering any major problems, make sure to follow the detailed instructions that we provide below.

What does Wana Decrypt0r 2.0 Ransomware do?

Wana Decrypt0r 2.0 Ransomware works in a rather conventional manner. Firstly, it will embed a number of its files all around the affected operating systems so it could function properly. It then scans the hard drive for its contents to determine the data that it will lock. The encryption process is the next task that takes place; it does not take long to lock files. Due to silent encryption, most users are not able to notice and stop this malware in action. During our research it has been found out that this ransomware attacks a variety of file types such as .pdf, .psd, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .wmv, .jpg, .bmp, .png, .mpg, .ods, and quite a few others. By using a powerful cipher to encrypt your data, this malicious program takes manual decryption out of the question. Every single file locked by this malware will be tagged with a .WNCRY extension. Right after a successful encryption procedure, you will notice a ransom note in the form of a .txt file. The note provides information about what has happened and demands a ransom in Bitcoin in return for decryption services. You are also urged to make the payment within three days; otherwise, the ransom will be doubled. Even though this might seem like a way to solve your problems, you must be informed that there is no guarantee that cyber crooks will actually unlock your files even if you make the payment. Be sure to delete Wana Decrypt0r 2.0 Ransomware as soon as it is found active on your PC. To do that easily and quickly, simply use the detailed removal guide that we provide below.

How to improve your virtual security

Wana Decrypt0r 2.0 Ransomware is a malware that is distributed worldwide; it has been spotted in over 150 countries. Thus, it is critical to take precautionary steps that will help you maintain a fully secure and clean operating system. Firstly, we advise you to practice simple, safe browsing habits since most users get their PC infected with malicious programs due to reckless web browsing. Be sure to refrain from all unauthorized third-party download websites as they tend to host bundled installers, which are infamous for being the primary source of questionable programs. Furthermore, you need to be aware of the fact that malware developers tend to use spam e-mail campaigns to spread their intrusive programs. Therefore, simply refrain from all e-mail attachments that come your way from unknown sources. While these basic safe browsing practices will improve your overall virtual security, you should know that your best bet to keep your PC safe and secure at all times is by having a professional antimalware tool. Make sure to install one if you do not have it already. Simple precautionary steps along with a reliable antimalware tool will allow you to keep your computer safe and secure at all times.

How to remove Wana Decrypt0r 2.0 Ransomware

Make sure to delete Wana Decrypt0r 2.0 Ransomware as soon as it is found up and running on your PC. Be sure to take care while performing the removal guide that we provide below since a mistake during it could have unwanted outcomes. Due to the incomplete removal, the malicious program in question could continue its malicious functionality. In other instances, traces of Wana Decrypt0r 2.0 Ransomware could be used for its silent restoration. To be sure that the termination of this malware has been successful, make sure to double-check your computer for anything associated with it as soon as you are done with the instructions below.

How to remove Wana Decrypt0r 2.0 Ransomware from your computer

  1. Open your File Explorer.
  2. Select and delete a file entitled @WanaDecryptor@.exe from all folders with encrypted data.
  3. Go to C:\Windows.
  4. Select and delete a file called taskche.exe.
  5. Right-click your Recycle Bin and select Empty Recycle Bin. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Wana Decrypt0r 2.0 Ransomware*

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