What is uninst.exe?

Uninst.exe is an executable file that is found in a setup of a number of potentially unwanted and dangerous applications. You may not be aware of the fact that you have uninst.exe running on your system, unless you go through the list of running processes on Windows Task Manager carefully. Due to the fact that uninst.exe is not a stand-alone file, in order to remove uninst.exe from your computer, you need to take care of the program that has it in its setup first. To determine which unwanted or potentially dangerous program you have installed on your PC, run a full system scan with licensed antimalware tool.

Where does uninst.exe come from?

Depending on which program uninst.exe comes with, it may be related to Trojans, adware or potentially unwanted applications. Based on security research, it is often associated with Zlob family of Trojans. In such a case it would mean that you have dangerous infections on your computer and you need to perform a full PC scan immediately to detect them. Trojans are dangerous infections that can remain hidden in your system for a considerable amount of time.

This executable file is sometimes also associated with FTDownloader, VisualBee Toolbar, Bonanza Deals and other similar applications. These are browser extensions, adware, freeware and just potentially unwanted applications in general. Although potentially unwanted programs are not direct computer security threats, they may also be related to some security issues that should not be overlooked.

What does uninst.exe do?

Whatever this file does depends on what it comes with. Since it is an executable file, it means that it launches various programs and modifies setup apps. Therefore, uninst.exe can be instrumental in whatever a malware infection or an adware application does on your computer.

In case of a Trojan infection or a rogue antispyware intrusion, it may stop you from accessing your files, allow the malware to collect data on your system configuration or even help the infection connect with a remote server to send and receive various data.

Given the fact that uninst.exe is given a high threat level by computer security experts, if you see this file running on Windows Task Manager, get yourself a reliable antimalware application immediately and remove it at once.

How to remove uninst.exe?

As it has been mentioned above, in order to remove uninst.exe you need to terminate the program it has come with at first. If the file has arrived as a part of an adware setup, you most probably can remove the program via Control Panel. Check the list of installed programs to see whether there are any unfamiliar programs you do not remember having installed.

If uninst.exe is an important component of a malicious infection (like Trojan or rogue antispyware), then you definitely need to invest in a powerful antimalware tool that would scan your PC and then remove uninst.exe automatically. Manual removal in case of dangerous computer infection is not recommended especially if you are not an experienced computer user, because you might end up damaging your system. Do what is best to your computer and protect it from malicious threats.

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