Two Click Search

What is Two Click Search?

Two Click Search is a browser extension enabling you to search for a term or phrase within a text without copying and pasting it in a search box on a search engine. The extension works on the Chrome browser and is available on its official website and in the Chrome Web Store, the latter of which contains only a brief statement about the program without any detailed information how exactly the application works. It has been found that Two Click Search might also be bundled with free software programs and sometimes may be installed surreptitiously, which usually leads to unwanted consequences. These and some other aspects of the browser extension have lead malware researchers to classify it as a potentially unwanted program (PUP), which should be removed from the computer in order to prevent malware installation and other undesirable actions involving your device and your personal information.testtest

How does Two Click Search work?

Two Click Search is an easy to use tool which can be employed by simply highlighting a word or phrase. Right-clicking opens a menu that contains a new option named Two Click Search. This seemingly useful program should not be trusted blindly as its official website does not contain any terms of use or privacy policies that would determine the user's relation with the product. As a result, you cannot know whether the actions of the product selected are safe and user-friendly. You should not trust products or services that have something to hide from you, which is why we encourage you to remove Two Click Search from your computer.

Two Click Search is a free product, and such applications are usually supported by third parties, which also means that those third parties may be delivering their commercial content to the user of the application. Ad-supported applications are usually not related to those third parties as those advertisement issuers are controlled by completely different rules. That means that you, as a user of Two Click Search, interact with third-party advertisement at your own risk. The content of  pop-up and other types of advertisements varies greatly. Among all those advertisements displayed by adware programs, you can find quite a few deceptive advertisements, which sometimes are difficult to identify as dishonest. New ways of deceptions are created from time to time, so you must be aware of such subtle ads aimed at obtaining your personal information or enticing you to install unknown applications, such as system scanners, disk optimizers, and other questionable tools. Moreover, you should be aware of deceptive surveys aimed at obtaining your opinion about a certain service or issue. We advice you against filling in such forms so that you do not involuntarily reveal any private information which could be used against you.

Moreover, you should bear in mind that Two Click Search collects some information about your browsing habits. Such information usually includes search terms, preferences, IP address, browser type, and some other details. Usually, such free programs are not programmed to collect personal information unless users contact their developers for some issue, in which case the name and the email address, or some other personal details, are gathered. The anonymous information may be also shared with or sold to other parties and used for marketing purposes.

How to prevent the installation of Two Click Search?

In addition to the official website and the Chrome store, the Two Click Search extension can arrive at your PC as an option program. Hence, it is crucial to be very attentive to every installation process so that you do not miss important information. Opting out of questionable programs suggested by software installers can help you prevent serious privacy-related issues, so beware of all types of free programs distributed by software installers. Overall, it is advisable to avoid visiting freeware sharing website since they are one of the sources of dangerous programs.

How to remove Two Click Search?

Two Click Search can be removed easily by manually deleting it through browser settings. You can get rid of the extension using the instructions below, but you should also keep in mind that your computer may be affected by some other programs, which you can discover by launching a scan of our recommended security program. If you keep your OS unprotected, you should bear in mind that it is susceptible to different types of malware, including those that can steal or even delete your valuable data.

Remove Two Click Search

  1. Open the browser.
  2. Click the three dots in the upper-right corner of the browser.
  3. Select More tools and click Extensions.
  4. Remove Two Click Search. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Two Click Search*

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