TuneJunkies New Tab

What is TuneJunkies New Tab?

TuneJunkies New Tab is a program that is advertised to be a great tool that should help you with various Internet searches; it should help you search for your favorite videos and songs online in a new and effective way. While it sounds like a tool worthy of having at first, you must know that our research team has categorized this application as a potentially unwanted program due to its suspicious and rather invasive functionality. Also, it has been found out that at times this program could be distributed in a questionable way. We firmly believe that the dubious features of this tool outweigh its valuable features; thus, we advise you to remove it as soon as possible. Read the rest of this article and learn how this potentially unwanted program works and why it should be deleted. Below we provide a comprehensive removal guide that will help you get rid of TuneJunkies New Tab in no time at all.testtesttest

What does TuneJunkies New Tab do?

TuneJunkies New Tab works in a quite similar manner as quite a few browser hijackers do. As soon as it gains access to your operating system your web browser’s default settings will be alerted; the potentially unwanted program will modify your default search engine and homepage without any notification, which is annoying to say the least. We highly advise you not to use the newly appointed search engines since it functions in a rather suspicious way. We have noticed that some results provided by it could turn out to be implemented with various redirect links; thus, clicking on such a link is a risk because you might end up on a questionable or even potentially malicious websites. Make sure to avoid the newly appointed homepage as well. It is quite natural that due to these changes surfing the web the way you are used to will be virtually impossible. To revert all the changes made by TuneJunkies New Tab make sure to execute its complete removal right now.

Where does TuneJunkies New Tab come from?

Even though you can obtain TuneJunkies New Tab from its official websites, our reports show that in quite a few cases this potentially unwanted program is spread as a part of some software bundle. Reduce the chances of infecting your computer in such a manner by staying away from all third-party download websites since they are well-known to be the primary source of bundled installers. In addition to that make sure to pay your utmost attention to every setup step. Often users simply miss the opportunity to cancel the installation of some unwanted application because they skipped a seemingly irrelevant step. Last, but not least you should install a professional antimalware tool if you do not have one already. This is important because such a tool will provide overall system security at all times.

How to remove TuneJunkies New Tab

The removal of TuneJunkies New Tab is a rather simple procedure. By carefully following the instructions that we provide below you will be able to regain the standard functionality of your web browser. To be sure that every single bit associated with TuneJunkies New Tab has been removed from your operating system you should scan your PC with a reliable malware detection and removal tool once you have performed the manual removal.

How to remove TuneJunkies New Tab from your web browser

Google Chrome

  1. Start your web browser.
  2. Simultaneously tap Alt+F.
  3. Select Tools.
  4. Click Extensions.
  5. Click the trash can icon next to the undesirable add-on.
  6. Select Remove.
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